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    To all the New Zealand fans (not sure if this has been posted here yet) J and Sonic Youth are playing in Auckland on June 26!!!!!!!
    This is a once in a lifetime concert for fans in this corner of the world. See Ticketek website for details. :shock: :D :shock: :D :D :shock: :D :shock:



    wow, great & thrilling news, Dinosaur snr :mrgreen: :!:

    On the Ticketek site you mentioned, I also found a tour date in Sydney, …with more to come! :shock: :D

    thanks a big lot for bringing the info, I’ll put it on the site news asap!



    Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention Australia. Shows are in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Auckland as mentined in this link = http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/Ticketek/pipeline/ticketselect.asp?nt=SONICYOUTH&sc=SONICYOUTH&PrevStep=Search”>http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/Ticketek/ … tep=Search





    Melbourne 23rd June at the Forum. What a great double bill!!


    out there

    I wish J could decide only to play shows at places he´s never been to, or place where he rarely goes to.

    Then, I guess he would come to Brazil.

    Ok, I don´t think that´ll happen, but I gotta keep on dreaming.

    Have a lot of fun, people from New Zealand and Australia!!! :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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