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    When the show started with a very short version of "Someone Said" and continued with an even shorter "Thumb", me and Samwise got the impression that J wasn’t feeling like it tonight. However, he then announced that he was going to try a song he’d never played acoustic before, and jumped into an inspired "Freakscene". Still, during the entire — excellent — show, it seemed that J had to work just a little bit harder than usual. When he really had to attack the strings of his guitar — in "Get Me", "Ammaring", and "Alone", most notably — his lips parted and, yes, he even clenched his teeth a few times.

    Someone Said
    What else is new
    Get Me
    Little Fury Things
    Flying Cloud
    Everybody lets me down
    Just Like Heaven

    The Wagon

    During "The Wagon" he broke a string, finished the song, and told us thank you and good night. I think he’d had just about enough for one evening.



    WOW – Freakscene, acoustic !!! <img> <img> <img>
    Now, that might be interesting to hear!

    Thanks for the review, Jasper! <img>



    Glad you guys enjoyed the show, FreakScene <img> <img> Thanks for the review!

    J has a pretty wicked schedule over in Europe <img>

    Hope a certain someones vinyl search in Edinburgh was a success <img> Guess there were no new tshirts or stickers being passed around <img>




    i wonder what possessed j to perform freakscene live – for the 1st time ever — after all these years ?

    it’s pretty cool to see j really get into a song live … he kind of goes into this trance-like state … and then his head starts bobbing all over the place …

    sounds like a great show … thanks for the review jasper



    I don’t know if he was planning on trying Freakscene for the first time, but it seemed like he was getting so very little response from the crowd (including, I must admit, myself) that he figured he needed to really try and turn it into a good show. Playing it might have been on his mind for sometime and he just didn’t have anything to lose that night. And indeed, the song really turned the show around, both the crowd and J were really getting into it and he was even better, especially the solos, than in Amsterdam. Just Like Heaven was also amazing.

    Yeah I got myself a ‘limited edition picture disc of ‘Start Choppin’. If worked out fine :D



    hey samwise

    he played freakscene last night too !! :D that was pretty cool … the crowd really seemed to respond to it …

    we (my husband and i) were saying that he seems to get into a show more when people are more vocal and responsive (ie loud clapping and cheering between songs, rather than just the polite expected response) to what he is playing … lots of people were singing along too … which i thought was pretty cool and sweet too …

    i wonder what he thinks of that — does that distract him or does he like it?



    The Edinburgh gig was amazing. I spoke to J before the show and asked him if he would play Drawerings, as I’d been playing it for my girlfriend earlier, he mumbled something about "if i can remember it" :D

    My face still hurts from smiling all the way through, and in hugging my flatemate at the end, I dropped a pint on someone’s foot which didn’t make me very popular.

    Special mention to Chris Brohart too, who was cool enough to chat for a while.



    he didn’t play sameday there neither :? :(


    where itz at

    I was at that gig- I dunno if any of you noticed a really young guy(15) trying hard to see J, but that was me!
    Me n my bro waited afterwards and got some signings but he really seemed in no mood for it! I was sort of starstruck in a way too. plus, he commented on my dino.. t-shirt- niiiice.. 8)



    hey where itz at,

    thanks for the addition to the reviews of the Edinburg reviwes. …cool, that he talked to you 8)

    Welcome here, I hope you’ll have a lot of fun :P :D



    not sure if j ever seems in a mood for signings !! :)


    where itz at

    he reminded me of mr Denby from ‘Norm’ if anyone knows what I’m talking about.



    is that a movie or a tv show ?


    where itz at

    the tv show starring Norm Macdonald..?
    Its American and gets shown over here at shitty times like 4 am etc.



    can anyone remember the second suport act at the gig in ediburgh, the one guy with the acoustic i can’t remember his name and he was really good?

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