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    I went to the J show at Maxwells in Jersey last night and let me tell you that it was the best J show I have ever seen. It was intense. I got to talk to him and shake his hand. That may sound cheesey, but I’ve been to about 8 of J’s shows and never got to talk to him, so I was really excited. The band that opened up was The Snakes. They effin rocked. They are a three peice, two guitarists who both sing and a drummer. They were bluesy punk I guess? They didn’t have any cd’s or anything so hopefully the will email me with more info.

    J was unfucking believable. He looked so vulnerable, just him and his guitar. He just kicked so much ass, if anyone can go to any of these shows you better go. I’ll try and remember the set list but my brain is verry fuzzy right now. He opened with Thumb and went into Blowin it again. Here are the other songs he played but in no perticular order:
    Every Mother’s Son
    The Blob
    Flying Cloud
    The Wagon
    So What else is new
    There were some other songs. One from the first record Dinosaur, can’t remember the name. He played some stuff from Hand it Over, A lot from Greendmind. He played about a minute of some song about Freedom, he said it was a taste of a new song. Sounded great! Well I hope someone else was there with a clear head who can post the entire set list. And if anyone could get a recording from any of these solo gigs, please hook me up. Well, sorry for any confusion in the list. Peace!



    Hey Green Minded

    Thanks for the review <img>
    Sounded like a beautiful Gig
    Hope someone recorded it

    Thanks again




    Greenminded-thanks for the review! <img>



    Hey I just remembered, J also played Keep the Glove! The details are slowly coming back to me. Maybe one day I’ll remember all of it!



    Sounds like the fog is clearing <img> sorry I just couldn’t resist that <img> Love Keep The Glove, quite the set, looks like people have some pretty cool shows to look forward to <img>

    Allison…wickedly jealous in Canada <img>



    new songs? so very cool. <img>



    I think he played throw down too last night but maybe I’m still in a fog too.



    Hey Greenminded,

    Sounds like it was a wicked show, pretty pleasing you got to meet J as well!!! Appreciate the set list & review, that new song sounds great…hope he pulls out more new ones in the next little while!!!

    Allison <img>

    ps moved to the J tour forum, seemed like the thing to do <img>



    J played quest, repulsion, sameday, flying cloud, get me, little fury things, Every mother’s son, thumb, blowing it, a new song or cover about everyone letting him down, and a new song about freedom being gone, keeblin, what else is new, ammaring. He played on two accoustics, a Gibson J-45 I believe and a Hummingbird, he played through a Z. Vex fuzz factory and an Ibanez ad9 delay. After the show he said he had t shirts for sale and everyone was like What? More songs not tshirts but I thought it was cool. They were Hand it Over shirts and more light shirts



    Thanks for the update. I was pretty loaded last night, so I couldn’t remember all the songs. I think together we got’em. Thanks again.



    Well Hey! <img>

    Thanks for the complete list Ammaringnyc, couple new ones…too cool!!! Thanks for what he was playing as well, gotta love that. Hand It Over shirts, hopefully sold a lot of those <img>




    …hi out there!
    …i am so glad to find out that everything was so great in NJ !…i wanted to go so badly but unfortunately i didint manage!
    …the worst thing for me is that even if i live so far away…when i go to America the house i live is in NJ!…
    …anyway i am happy for all of you that saw J!…I WISH HE PLAYED AGAIN SOMEWHERE NEAR IN THE SUMMER! <img>

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