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    Dinosaur Sr.

    First post, so forgive the plainness.

    So looking forward to seeing J tonight (Saturday). I know you can’t all be there, so thought you might be interested that the local student radio station lists J as hosting a show from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday (NZ time). You can tune in online at http://www.95bfm.com.

    I don’t know exactly what the format is, but anything involving the great man has to be worth a listen.

    I’ll be sure to let you all know how the concert is, news out of Australia has been disappointingly meagre.

    Oh, and big ups to BFM.



    Saturday, June 25, from 2-4pm, NZ time would translate how for
    EST. Thanks, anyone, I’m to busy, lazy to calculate.

    Meagre, I don’t know that term. oh, could be typo for meager, got it.



    I did it with help of the computer,

    For EST that would be around
    midnight tonight.



    I think thats Saturday June 26th , according to… this conversion tool . Here’s the schedule that lists…

    J Mascis for two hours online :mrgreen:

    The show will be on tonite, June 25th 2100-2300 EST. Definitely sounds like a cool show, J hosting two hours of radio time, huge thanks for the tip Dinosaur Sr :aliensmile:

    Hope someone out there can capture the show somehow…

    ps looks like we need third party intervention to check the time…help… :lol:



    On the shows page of the radio station, they have a running clock, it’s almost 0400, so J will be on in ten hours for those of us in North America…or something like that :wink: :? :roll:



    yeah, that time thing is weird b/c i make it out to start here at 3am, which means it would start on the east coast of the US at 10pm … but i’m probably wrong !! … in any case, i’ll be asleep then, so i hope someone archives it somehow :aliensmile:



    welcome here, Dinosaur Sr, and thanks a lot for bringing this fine news! :D

    that’s what I found out about time zones (I also posted that in the other topic)

    Saturday June 26, 14:00:00 pm in New Zealand is:

    East Coast America: 22:00:00 Fri Jun 25 2004
    Central Europe: 04:00:00 Sat Jun 26 2004
    UK: 03:00:00 Sat Jun 26 2004



    Oh, FC, and rambleon, Coma Girl, Us Americans as you know can be so dumb. 22.00 is so foreign to me sort of like meters and such.

    Rambleon I posted that the show would start around Midnight and you came up with 10pm, lets see I listen to the BBC every evening and they always have the time in Military code , as we call it, yes, 22, is 10:00 pm, sorry I posted Midnight earlier, it is so far away, how easy it is for me to be so confused.

    I will be sitting at the table sewing tonight, I will listen in, should be fun. :D

    Thanks Dinosaur Sr.*********************************



    yes, 22:00 is 10 pm …and you’re lucky, that’s a much nicer time than 3 or 4 am :D

    hope to hear some details here on the site, in case some of us Europeans miss it tonight :idea:


    Dinosaur Sr.

    OK, for those that didn’t make it, this was 2 hours of J being a DJ (for the first time since 1981 i.e. when vinyl was still the norm) and chatting with Troy. Mostly very droll in J’s laconic style, some good anecdotes.

    Quick list of some of the artistes played (I’ll try to post more details if anyone’s interested, but my wife already thinks I’m crazy):-

    The Germs
    Upside down cross
    Screaming Lord Sutch
    Abrasive Wheels
    Iron Cross
    Henry Rollins
    Focus (surprised me as well, but one of my all time favourites)
    Bikini Kill
    Birthday Party
    Sham 69
    Deep Wound

    The more knowledgeable among you will know that J played drums on at least 2 of the above.

    And Annastefka, that’s "meagre" as in "St James Theatre", which is where I’m going shortly to watch J and Sonic Youth, so eat your heart out.



    Dinosaur Sr.

    Ahhhaaa, Meagre, is an alternative spelling of the word Meager, which was J’s only complaint at the end of his stint as he referenced his material.

    I looked up St. James theater in Auckland to find the source of your definition of Meagre and when reading the rules of entry I noticed my favorite:
    No weapons or items deemed offensive by the organisers.

    Oh, thanks for the set list, however my yougest daughter found herself awake and came to us and said "All of those songs are making me see scary faces when I close my eyes" she has never been afraid of anything. We had to go back to bed with her.

    We are going to pick buckets of fresh blueberries and make pies and Jam, so eat your heart out.

    PsS> Your not crazy Dinosaur Sr. and J’s story about the 3 daughters made even my husband laugh.



    unfortunately I had the deepest sort of Saturday morning sleep at the time of the show, so I missed it :|
    thank you very much for the song list, Dinosaur Sr! Any further details about songs & stories are very very welcome!! :!: maybe it helps, if you tell your wife you do it for a site called "Freakscene" ? :aliensmile: :P

    have lots of fun at the SY/J show! :D



    I caught about fifteen minutes of the show, then my mmjb froze & I had to leave… :twisted:

    J talked about the benefit for Autism, how Deep Wound reunited for one song with Lou on guitar. He then had to explain that it wasn’t the first time he’d played with Lou since the break up, that they’d played together in London with Ron & Scott Asheton & Mike Watt. J also talked about Charlie the singer from Deep Wound,

    J played a group of songs that he played drums on, Deep Wound, Upside Down Cross, & I think it also included Gooblehoof…I could be wrong though :lol:

    Then my media player froze, I’m surprised people in Oz didn’t hear me screaming… :slap:

    Very cool show, wish I had heard the whole thing :!:

    Thanks tons for the info & setlist Dinosaur Sr…hope you enjoyed the concert :aliensmile:



    Yes, I really liked the gooblehoof song, I hope I get to hear it again. Someone out there must have a recording of the show.
    My Media player didn’t freeze but we had lots of distortion, and distortion on top of distortion took some getting used to.

    I was hoping for one or two J songs( other than the drum songs) but that would have been "uncool" I guess, the station did play a song that had "Little Fury Things" mixed into it before the show.

    J knows his metric system when he placed a weight at 150 kilos, I still don’t know the metric.


    Dinosaur Sr.

    OK, a few additions and some more detail now that I’ve researched a bit:-

    Swans/Raping a Slave
    Gobblehoof/Upside Down
    J described this as being pretty commercial, and not a song the rest of the band are keen on.

    Screaming Lord Sutch/Thumping Beat
    Abrasive Wheels/Army Song
    Partisans/Killing Machine
    Magazine/ not sure of the title, but the phrase "You can touch yourself anytime" appears frequently
    Henry Rollins/State of Alert
    Focus/Hocus Pocus
    Sham 69/Borstal Breakout

    Another song with the chorus "I ain’t your goddam sonofabitch" impressed my 9 year old, but don’t know who it’s by.

    J said that his work with Upside Down Cross was his most enjoyable drumming. However, when pressed about the kind of people that were in the group, he said that if they got mad at you they might fill a syringe with their own blood and dirty puddle water and inject it into you.
    When asked if he had been invited to play with them again, he said (good humouredly due to the previous comment) that they had called a few times but he hadn’t picked up the phone.

    The story about the 3 daughters is that Larry Lifeless desperately wanted a son so he could call him Damien, and raise an evil satan worshipper. He kept trying, but got 3 girls instead.

    They had a phone-in competition to ask which Sonic Youth record J appeared on, and had his picture on the cover. The presenter asked J if he knew, and he said he didn’t but looked forward to finding out the answer.

    Although I didn’t have the same problems as some of you guys since I was listening to the radio, I couldn’t put my Saturday afternoon completely on hold. However, I got the impression he wasn’t a fan of Split Enz (one of New Zealand’s national treasures) but wouldn’t be goaded into publicly dissing the Finn brothers (who are actually 2 really nice guys).

    After the radio show he thought he might go down to Borders. I can’t imagine that’s where he gets his record collection!

    Gotta go, tea’s ready.

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