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    I’ve never heard this single/band that J produced from Oz, anyone else here heard it :?:

    Proton Energy Pills 8)

    Proton Energy Pills
    Less Than I Spend/Strawberry Patch

    I didn’t much like the 1st PEP single, but so many people in Aussie bands keep saying that these guys are one of the best new bands around that I figured I should try another, and this one is considerably more rewarding. Its sped power pop that would be comfortable among tunes by the Hard Ons, Asylum or Nursery Crimes, although this single has the same tendancy as the last one to be a little on the long side with extended solos and bridges. still, the A side is a really nice tune with a feeling of poignancy thats emphasized with some nice harmonies in the chorus…A bit unusual in a song thats rocking along quite this fast. The flip is faster and drops the poignancy;it goes at harcore speed and has some solos that are best understood if I tell you that Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis Produced it. Nice job :aliensmile:

    Divine Rites :mrgreen:

    "Thats one of the reasons I asked J Mascis to do the second Protons single, because I wanted this record to be better than the 1st one…I think J did an incredible job, considering the equipment he was using and the engineer and that the band was so young."

    Hmmm, speed power pop with extended solos produced by J… 8)



    Yeah, that Proton record came out about 13 or 14 years ago, when J was first here in Sydney in 89′.

    Two guys from Proton’s are friends of mine to this day. They have been in a band called ‘Tumbleweed’ for the last 10+ years. Supporting Dino, Nirvana etc on their tours. A couple of Weed’ albums were recorded by Jack Endino and Mark Arm.

    Deserve alot more credit than they ever got…

    Well worth checking them out.



    Thanks for the info, knew someone out there had to have heard
    that single/band :aliensmile:

    I will be checking them out, good looking site they have :!:

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