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    Pelt Sematary

    Good news for the J fans in Germany (and around): Tonight at 8.15 (that’s 20.15 Uhr whereilive) SuperRTL, the station normally famous for bringing us "Disney’s Gummibears" and other gems, will be showing Allison Anders’ "Grace Of My Heart", albeit not without re-titling it "Musik ist mein Leben"! So get your chance to see J as the recording engineer for the Matt Dillon-played Brian Wilson-type musician dude, and tune in to hear "Take A Run At The Sun" as well as the immortal "Pickle Song" among others! Either that or you can watch "Nobody ist der Größte" starring Terence Hill on Kabel 1 8), which is a great film if you ask me…seriously!


    Bucky Ramone

    Alas, no SuperRTL here, only the normal RTL, SAT1, Arte, ARD, ZDF and three or four of the regional 3rd channels over here in this part of Holland…. :slap: , I hope they show the movie with two channel-sound, so that you can choose the original sound, don’t think I could stand the German-dubbed version….. :roll: ("Hey, Joe, wo ist mein bubble-gum.. :twisted: )



    hey, thanks a lot for the hint !!! :!:
    … looking forward to it :mrgreen:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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