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    Fri nite I went to the Mudhoney/ Cobra Verde/ Chargers Street Gang show in Cleveland. Chargers, who are these local punx who always do crazy funny stuff, had a cutout of J’s pic from a Free So Free promo flat that they had attached to a ruler. The lead guy was waving it around like a puppet and making it "sing" with him into the mikes and tapping equipment and people with it like J was giving a blessing. Then he stuck the ruler into his back pocket and walked around like that with J peeking out of his pocket <img> OK, I am easily amused and I’m not sure what the point was, but I thought it was funny especially since J happens to look fairly serious in this one particular picture. Just picturing what an entire crowd of people waving little J’s on a stick would look like <img>

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    hehehe that is a riot wished I’d seen that too and a crowd of J-on-a-stick fans…… who needs amma?



    That sounds hilarious Squeapler, I’m pretty easily amused as well <img> I’d LOVE to have one of those, even with a serious J, it would be soooo cool <img>





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