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    Just a few more days until the release of the 1st single off of Free So Free. City Slang is releasing a 7" of Everybody Lets Me Down on the 30th. This is a European release only so check your fav import site to pick it up. MP3 club on CitySlang should be adding a J tune soon, looking forward to the video of the new single as well <img>
    The album will be released in Europe on October 14th.

    Ultimatum is releasing Free So Free in North America on October 8th. Great package deal available, both the CD & Vinyl for only 25 bucks <img>

    You can download two songs off of Free So Free on the Ultimatum site as well, Tell The Truth & Freedom <img>

    If you just can’t wait, you can pick Free So Free up off a Japanese HMV site where it’s already available… HMV Japan

    Apparently very quick delivery, two bonus tracks, No Way & a live version of Alone from The Blind Pig show, great booklet with lyrics as well. You can check the lyrics here… Lyrics Thread Big thanks to Flying Cloud for providing us with the lyrics and Deco for the HMV link in Japan

    J is looking for some help from anyone out there who has old pics of Deep Wound or early Dinosaur Jr for inclusion in booklets of the reissues that are being planned <img> If you can help contact Dave at You can check the full message here

    J starts up his North American solo tour soon, Cobra Verde are warming up his shows, should be a thrill all round!!! Get those tickets, enjoy the shows and we would love to hear your spin on the show in our J Live Forum <img>

    10/09/02::Cambridge, MA::TT The BEARS
    10/10/02::Northampton, MA:: Iron Horse
    10/11/01::Philadelphia, PA:: North Star
    10/12/02::Brooklyn, NY:: North Six
    10/16/02::Pittsburgh, PA:: Rosebud
    10/17/02::Detroit, MI:: Magic Stick
    10/18/02::Cleveland, OH::Grog Shop
    10/19/02::Cincinatti, OH::Top Cat’s
    10/20/02::Chicago, IL:: Abbey Pub
    10/21/02::Milwaukee, WI:: Shank Hall
    10/23/02::Portland, OR:: Blackbird
    10/24/02::Seattle,WA:: Tractor Tavern
    10/25/02::San Francisco,CA:: Bottom Of The Hill
    10/26/02::Los Angelos, CA::The Roxy
    10/29/02::Malmo, Sweden::- KB Tickets *
    10/30/02::Oslo, Norway:: So What
    10/31/02::Stockholm, Sweden:: – Kagelbanan *
    11/01/02::Gothenburg – Playground/ Pusterviks *
    11/08/02::Amsterdam, Holland:: Crossing Border Festival
    11/13/02::Brussels, Belgium:: Club AB
    11/15/02::Paris, France::La Boule Noire

    These are all the tour dates we know of for now, J recently talked of returning to Europe in November for some solo shows. Also mentioned in a recent BBC radio interview that he may try and do a Stooges Tribute deal again with The Asheton Brothers & Watt in Europe if possible. So if you hear anything on any more shows let us know!!!
    -Rumour out there the North American shows may not be completely acoustic, check this thread out for more info-VF

    [Edit] :: Added some new tourdates indicated by * + corrected the Pittsburgh, PA date- Jeremiah <img> [/edit]

    Check out our Software Forum for some cool Desktop Wallpaper from Free So Free, as well as a cool Without A Sound interactive promo… Software

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    Pelt Sematary

    "No Way", one of the Japan-bonus-tracks, is also the B-side of the "Everybody Lets Me Down" 7".
    The backcover pic for that single is from the "Where’d You Go" vid, I think.
    Looks like there’s also the possibility that Cobra Verde (by the way, the Klaus Kinski film of the same name was on german TV yesterday – didn’t see it, though) will be J’s backing band for part of his set, too, so it might be not a 100% acoustic affair.
    That’s all, folks – and remember: "I don’t wanna be wrong, cause wrong is not the thing to be"…



    Thanks for the info! No doubt a lot of people out there will be very thrilled to hear that the shows may not be all acoustic, always cool to have sonic blasts happening <img>

    Allison <img>



    added a couple new tourdates to the first post <img>



    he must come to france or at worst uk, please, please, please…. <img>



    i prefer spain (San sebastian)


    chris c.

    folks- lemme just say that i paid an arm and 2 legs for the advance copy of the album- i cant begin to describe it. i wont give away surprises but lemme just say that the song someone siad is probably the most amazing shit i have ever heard. imagine the best aspects of cant we move this, out there and the infamous puke and cry jam session from the hand it over tour— combine that and that describes the soaring 2 minute guitar solo. and hearing everybody lets me down not acoustic is a treat. i’ve seen him 5 times acoustic this year- literally from new orleans to northhampton and seeing him 2 nites again next week- but i’m telling you people this shit is sick. his drumming is out of control. bobbin, freedom, someone said and lets me down are amazing, even the slow jams are tight. how it’s gotta be is one of the best slow jams ever. enough said— see you in cambridge and northhampton



    My favorite minute or so of the entire album has got to be between 2:35 and 3:35 of "Set us Free". The sections after the solo are just amazing – definitely the most danceable part of the whole album.

    and no show in nashville.. <sob>

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    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by sebroll:
    <strong>i prefer spain (San sebastian)</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>yes, that would be closer for me too but i don’t speak spanish.

    i got the live and it’s at cambridge, ma on the 10.31.00 for the acoustic one
    and middle east cambridge ma on the 4.5.01 for jay + the fog
    e-mail me if you want them



    i checked the price of the plane ticket to come to netherlands to see him on the 8th of nov but the flight costs twiuce the one to ny
    that’s crazy…
    there are some problems in europe with transport !

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