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    Bucky Ramone

    Haven’t seen this one before:

    From Stoozrecords.com:

    J Mascis & The Fog with Ron Asheton
    Wetlands, NYC
    by Chris Larry

    In today’s systematic Rock and Roll machinery rarely are there magical evenings. April 11th at the Wetlands in New York City had moments of magic as J Mascis and his all star band the Fog let it all hand out. The Fog, this night at least, was comprised of some heavy hitters in the history of loud rock music. Mike Watt of the Minutemen and fIREHOSE fame was on bass and has been playing regularly with Mascis now for over a year and semi regularly for over a decade. They compliment each other like two old Jazz players and are easily the best collaborators either has had since their glory days of days SST Records. Along with a drummer this power trio played a set of Dinosaur Jr./J Mascis material (including a cool version of Dino Jr. oldie “In A Jarâ€

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