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    J. Mascis to Produce Des_Ark Debut

    Rob Mackey reports:
    In 2003, Des_Ark landed a spot on the incredibly high-profile list of "Ryan Goldman’s 19 Albums Pitchfork Forgot to Review in 2003" with their self-released demo EP. You say you don’t remember? Oh, don’t be so coy…Anyway, this year, the Durham, N.C., band is back to do it up proper in the form of a debut full-length, Loose Lips Sink Ships, produced by Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis. Slated for a March 8 release via Bifocal Media, the record comes on the heels of a string of compilation appearances, a split 7", and a whole hell of a lot of buzz. How ’bout a tracklist:

    01 Some Are Love
    02 No More Fighting Cats, OK?
    03 Queen of the Sketch Patrol
    04 Yes Sir, Yes Way
    05 It’s a Hard World Sometimes for Little Things
    06 Jesus Loves You (But Yr Still Comin Home With Me Tonight)
    07 Send Jolly to Raleigh
    08 For Bob Riecke

    Coinciding with the release of Loose Lips, Des_Ark’ll be packin’ their bags for a lengthy tour with Eyeball Records’ Del Cielo, starting March 4. Shows (all dates with Del Cielo):

    03-04 Washington, DC – Warehouse Next Door
    03-05 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project
    03-06 Bloomington, IN – Church of the Sun Ra House
    03-07 Chicago, IL – TBA
    03-08 Milwaukee, WI – 2427 N. Pierce
    03-09 Omaha, NE – Fort House
    03-10 Lawrence, KS – Jackpot
    03-11 Wichita, KS – TBA
    03-12 Dallas, TX – Bar of Soap
    03-13 Austin, TX – Monkeywrench Books
    03-14 Houston, TX – The Southmore House
    03-15 New Orleans, LA – Nowe Miasto
    03-16 Pensacola, FL – Sluggo’s
    03-17 Gainesville, FL – The Ark
    03-18 Miami, FL – The Alley
    03-19 St. Augustine, FL – Loose Screws
    03-20 Savannah, GA – 314 Lamara Drive
    03-21 Atlanta, GA – The Drunken Unicorn
    03-22 Asheville, NC – Green Eggs and Jam
    03-23 Somerset, KY – TBA
    03-24 Louisville, KY – The Old Louisville Coffee Shop
    03-25 Greensboro, NC – Guilford University Bryan Jr. Auditorium
    03-26 Richmond, VA – Nanci Raygun



    Cool news, we had some news about this early last year, glad to see it’s finally coming out!…Des-Ark & J Mascis

    Looks like the cd release party is tomorrow Feb 26th in Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506…Des-Ark shows

    They’ve got a bit on their website about the release…des-ark.org




    great band :) check them out if you get a chance.

    also – the drummer was once a guitar tech and/or roadie for J/Dinosaur I believe.
    they don’t usually bost people they associate with as they are trying to ‘keep it real’ :D
    just an interesting twist.



    Definitely gonna check them out!

    Couple years ago J was featured on the Circuit 8 DVD, he talked about his past experience of producing bands, apparently it got pretty ugly, said he wanted to change that if he started producing again…wonder if he brought them flowers or something :wink:

    Wonder if J will be at the cd release party tonight… :?:



    I hope Des Ark wont sound like The Ark…


    "Aatos" wrote:
    I hope Des Ark wont sound like The Ark…

    they don’t – give them a listen ala mp3 from http://bifocalmedia.com/bands.html”>http://bifocalmedia.com/bands.html

    We speak Commie
    We chow Vegan
    We jam econo
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