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    I wonder which lineup of the fog will be playing?


    Today we announce a third round of additions as picked by My Bloody Valentine to join them on the lineup for the Nightmare Before Christmas:

    Which means the line-up so far looks like this:

    My Bloody Valentine / Sonic Youth / De La Soul / EPMD / Sun Ra Arkestra / The Horrors / Buzzcocks / Spectrum / F**ked Up / Le Volume Courbe / Wounded Knees / The Pastels / J. Mascis & The Fog / Lilys / A Place To Bury Strangers / Witch + many more bands TBC!

    We hope to announce another five bands next week!

    Tickets are £150 for room only accommodation and £160 for self-catering accommodation.

    Demand for tickets is very high. In the last week 5 berth chalets were the latest option to sell out, leaving only a limited amount of 4 and 6 berths left.

    The only Room Only accommodations left are available in 4 or 6 berth sizes and come with either double, single or bunk beds with private bathroom and TV, but no kitchen facilities or lounge, more like a hotel room. (£150 + booking fee per ticket)

    Limited Self Catering accommodations are available in 4 or 6 berths and offer private bathroom, full kitchen facilities and separate lounge area with TV. (£160 + booking fee per ticket)

    Tickets On Sale Now:


    King Tubby


    If it’s the Schools/Spence Fog, I’m going to be mighty bummed I won’t be able to be there.

    Just think of all the tunes we haven’t heard in years that they’re going to play.

    I would love it if J were to start doing alternating Dino & Fog tours.



    Yes indeed. Its interesting too MBV picked J Mascis & the Fog over Dinosaur too. I wonder why.

    It would be cool to hear other songs than we typically hear in the Dino sets.



    If this outing of the Fog has George & Watt onboard I will have to be mental not to go see them.


    King Tubby
    "Robert" wrote:
    If this outing of the Fog has George & Watt onboard I will have to be mental not to go see them.

    No offense at all to George and Watt, but the Schools/Spence Fog is where it’s at. They brought out something in J’s playing I’ve never seen/heard before or since.



    None taken. My reasons are purely sentimental. + it would be great if George came back on the board again.
    Also, you can’t beat Watt & George. Simple as that :D



    I enjoy watching George drum…the same with Kyle…..like they get my attention and I spend a lot of time looking.

    My bets on this "Fog" are it’s going to be Lou and Murph. Anyone want to place a bet?

    When I was younger…this would be something worth spending money on and taking a little trip to see. However, with all these children I have there is no more extra ching …also it’s happening at a very busy time of the year……..children now wanting bigger things from Santa…..brother wants an I-touch like his sister has….and my oldest wants a trip to Japan for Christmas, she is already on Orbitz looking at prices, she just learned a valuable life lesson, airfare doubles during the holidays. Oh, bring back the days when all Santa brought were oranges, nuts and handmade dolls.

    OH, Tubby, I haven’t forgotten about you……..I had a big mouse come into my house and run away with everything………..soon to be replaced.
    and Tubby is correct about J’s playing…..he got all relaxed and "Jam Band" out with those guys which is perfect for those long extended guitar things he is good at. Uh,oh…..My chil’rens are fighting better go and nip that nonsense in the bud. Summer….I love the togetherness…..I really do.


    Yeah Right


    Been gutted about never seeing JM+TF for years. Love to see this.

    "Annastefka" wrote:
    My bets on this "Fog" are it’s going to be Lou and Murph.

    It would be great to hear them playing Fog tunes.

    I’d go with Schools and Spence, they played the Jazzmaster 50th Anniversary show and that was pretty recent.

    "jmascis.com" wrote:
    September 15th, 2008 by jeremiah

    J played at the Jazzmaster’s 50th Anniversary bash recently with Dave Schools (from Widespread Panic) on bass and Kyle Spence on drums which, as most of you may remember, was the last touring lineup of J Mascis + The Fog.



    Annastefka wrote:
    My bets on this "Fog" are it’s going to be Lou and Murph.

    Why would dinosaur jr change name for that venue,and call them self j mascis and the fog, annastefka? No previous experiences makes it very likely that this will be lou and murph if the band is called j mascis and the fog.



    One example of this is the show on 5/10/07 at The Casbah in Dan Diego. The show was billed as "J Mascis and Friends", but it turned out to be a JayLouMurph show. I’m not saying that this is what will happen at ATP, but just an instance. I too miss the Fog and hope that they will continue side by side with JayLouMurph. It would be nice to hear more post-Lou/Fog songs live. Although I love Mike Watt to death, I too think that the Schools/Spence Fog was a better fit for the songs. I’ve listened back to a lot of the Watt-era Fog shows and his bass lines sound a little out of tune at times. Just my opinion.



    Who knows who it will be, I did see the Fog for the Jazzmaster event recently and Murph was in the crowd and I talked to him and he was bummed that J didn’t ask him to do it. I don’t know who it will be but definately not Murph or Lou.



    The Fog will consist of Dave Schools & Kyle Spence for the show. Just confirmed from the fine folks at Blee Music (J’s Management) http://www.bleemusic.com”>http://www.bleemusic.com



    Oh, my gosh the reverse psychology, prayers and magical spells from ye old "Witches Formulary" work.

    I would say………"Who Knew"……….but I know the answer already.

    I’m just so glad J was wearing his green sort of water proof jacket when I spilled the invocation water down his back in front of the 40 Watt while giving him a hug. If he noticed he didn’t say a thing. Thank you J Mascis you are very kind and thanks to the universe for answered prayers. Too bad I’ll be "crunching numbers" wondering how I’m going to make it all work for the holiday’s instead of enjoying that event. Oh, well….I declare "Life is Good" today.

    I am getting ready to leave and sit reading by the pool while the kids swim and YOU KNOW, I’m going to have the biggest smile on…………I already do and it’s not going away.


    Yeah Right

    I really hope I get to this. Just emailed Mike Watt to find out if he was involved but that now that question’s answered.



    hi all

    6 Berth chalets are the latest option to sell out for this event.

    Small amounts of 4 and 7 berths are all that’s left: http://www.atpfestival.com/”>http://www.atpfestival.com/

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