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    Yesterday I was in Oslo at so what to see j mascis and the fog for the first time. I turned up at the club about three hours before the concert started. While I stood in the bar ordering beer I suddenly noticed J, Watt and george berz standing outside the club. My blood started pumping… I went over to them to speak to J. He didn`t seem very awake, but that`s not so strange after all the touring in europe. I shook J`s hand and I was photographed with him… This was the first time I have seen J so it was very special.
    The show was fantastic and I think it`s the best concert I`ve ever been to.. They were so tight and the sound was very good to. Not as loud as many have described them… They opened with a song I`ve never heard before and it was followed up by Where`d you go and then a very cool Not Fine… The whole set was great and I remember especially how amazing The Wagon sounded when Watt did the backup vocal, "you won`t see me". He sweated like a pig and it was just amazing. When playing Freakscene the crowd went nuts and people almost fell upon the stage…
    Right after the concert George Berz gave me his tracklist and I thanked him for a great concert. I also got a guitarpick which J Mascis signed with a "J".He also signed my more light lp which I bought there along with two t-shirts.

    the tracklist looks like this:
    Not fine
    Out there
    All the g`s
    Gotta right
    Had it
    Back b4


    Raisains was not played as far as I can remember, instead they played a song where Watt sung. I don`t know what song it was, cause I`d never heard it before.
    But anyway it was a wicked concert [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img] I really hope that they can come back to Norway very soon….



    someone taped the

    this big muscle guy…he was shouting peter or something :-0



    The guy beside me had a digital camera and he filmed the show. He was standing in front on the right. I was supposed to film it myself, but unfortunately I was not able to pick up my friend`s camera.
    Anyway, let`s hope that the muscle guy are willing to trade the tape…

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