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    In a new article on The Guardian, J picks his list of new guitarists you really must hear.

    His picks:
    Graham Clise – Annihilation Time, Lecherous Gaze, Witch
    Marissa Paternoster – Screaming Females
    Kurt Vile – The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile And The Violators
    Rick Tomlinson – Voice Of The Seven Woods, Voice Of The Seven Thunders
    Elisa Ambrogio – Magik Markers
    Derek Stanton – Awesome Color, Turn To Crime

    Read the full article for his notes on each http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/mar/12/dinosaur-jr-mascis-favourite-guitarists?CMP=twt_iph



    Whoa whoa whoa, Graham Clise is in Witch? I saw J wearing an Annihilation Time shirt in one Youtube video, and thought to myself “Awesome,” and I know Witch played a show with Annihilation Time at some point. But this is even better.

    I don’t recognize any of these other people, except Kurt Vile, I’ll have to check them out.

    I heard J mention in an interview that he thinks highly of the band Earthless, I’m surprised Isaiah Mitchell wasn’t mentioned.



    Thats so awesome Screaming Females were mentioed there from New Brunswick She shreads like you can’t believe I saw them play together at the music Hall of Williamsburg it was an amazing show I highly recommend that everyone here should listen to is Screaming Females



    I have two guitar player friends who I know have never seen J play….I invited them both to come and see the show this Friday…one gladly took me up on an offer for a free ticket, as he would take a free ticket to just about anything, including wrestling monkeys…the other (and the one I really wanted to come) said…”I don’t know….I’ll think about it”…I called him after about 3 days and he was still on the fence…it is a Friday night, you know..I might have more important things to do. So….I gave his ticket away to a kid that REALLY,REALLY wants to see J.
    Just YESTERDAY….this particular guitar player called me and said….”I just read in the Flagpole that Kurt Vile is going to be playing that show….I LOVE KURT VILE, OMG Kurt Vile, AAAAHYES….I’ll take that ticket”……I had to say….you one slow sorry Taurus…that ticket is gone…now you got to go and buy one on your on. Which may involve more steps than he is capable of negotiating without help from his wife. Then he went off, “I wish you had said Kurt Vile”
    I had never head of this Kurt Vile until now but…I’m serious, Athens is buzzing about Kurt….I’ve dipped into several conversations recently about him.

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