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    Favez mentiones J Mascis in 1 of their songs
    U can find that tune on their EP Headed For The Ocean
    See lyrics below

    as wide as the atlantic

    give me lanegan’s affliction give me anderson’s acclaim give me elvis’s vegas applause give me mascis’s endless noise but it’s all you get and it’s all you find elementary rhymes bigger flaws and other times and they’re doing fine it’s a frame of mind do you sample in your band and I’ve heard the song yeah you’re doing it all wrong it’s all over it didn’t take long and the place between you and my radio set is it as wide as the atlantic yet and it’s all you get



    Hey cool 8)

    Here`s another…

    "Getting loose with the Pussy Galore
    Cracking jokes like a Thurston Moore
    Pedal hopping like a Dinosaur

    Gimme Indie Rock by Sebadoh :twisted:



    and another …

    "I wasn’t no one, I was just hoping
    for a bookstore like the one I prayed for
    and the music they’d play there would be Dinosaur Jr"

    American Music Club – Myopic Books



    I posted this in open topic awhile back but I`ll post it here since it fits…

    "She likes Dinosaur Jr
    She can`t tell you why
    She says if you like country music
    Man,you deserve to die"

    Idiot`s Revenge by The Bottle Rockets



    Well he played on it so its no that weird but their is the Del the Funky Homosapien line," Dinosaur Jr. You’ll find there going to ruin you.

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