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    What a brilliant way to kick off 2015! 🙂

    The opening band was Luluc. They were *really* mellow. Wow… Mellllllooooooowwwww.

    They said they already did a 30 (or 13?) date tour with J around the US and on the first day J phoned them to say he was in a music shop and he had found 2 or 3 pedals for the guy to use. So the guy bought them and has been using them. And the woman said she had suggested he change his sound / tone for a while but it took a call from J for it to actually happen. 🙂

    In any case, their best song (for me) was their Patti Smith song which they wrote in NYC when they visited a studio she had described in a book. Sorry, can’t remember the name of the man who’s studio it was.

    In any case, during the interval my husband first spotted Thurston Moore and girlfriend and then Kevin Shields.

    Never been to Scala before (even though it’s only just down the road. Had tickets to see Dinosaur Jr there in 2007, but couldn’t go and had to sell them. Boo.) It must be an old cinema and the flooring in the hallway is like Roman tiling. But the floor in the hall itself is wooden. The stage wasn’t very high, and boy did they really jam people in. I am so glad we were on the side on a raised platform so we could actually see something, because of course he was sitting down.

    In any case, then it was time for J.

    And he was really on form last night. The crowd was really up for it too – with HUGE applause after songs. So good to see. Well done, London!

    He played everything from Dinosaur Jr back in the day to J Mascis and The Fog, to brand new stuff. I don’t (yet!) have his new album, so no clue about the song names, but he did a really cool one that made his guitar sounds like a sitar (my husband told me the pedal name that he used), and another one where he had a dreamy vocal sound.

    Considering that we were on the side, the sound was excellent – especially about 3 songs in – and onwards.

    He also did an amazing slowed down version of Out There. Such an awesome song anyhow, but reminded me of The Pixies’ slowed down Wave of Mutilation… Anyhow, that’s a sidetrack.

    So all in all he played more than an hour and came back for one encore.

    During the show, my husband also spotted Kevin Shields and Bobby Gillespie, who were standing next to Jarvis Cocker. And we also saw who we thought was Richard Ayoade. Wah… J’s London guest list grows!

    In any case, Bobby, Kevin and Jarvis were up on the same platform bit where we were for the show and when the show was over and the lights came up and the people started fiiing out, it was so funny to see the excitement on people’s faces when they spotted them. And a few snaps were taken. (We were too shy to ask!)

    Well, this show has really set up my year nicely.

    Here’s to the next one. 🙂



    Wish I would’ve seen this a month ago! Thanks for the write up, sounds like a great show. Hopefully you have J’s new album right now. That song was “Drifter”. He uses a guitar that’s in a different tuning. It’s awesome! Have fun with it!

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