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    Googlism for: j mascis
    j mascis is ever the adolescent
    j mascis is ever the adolescent by kathleen wilson
    j mascis is walking on the streets of new york with surprising speed for someone with such a languid reputation
    j mascis is at his
    j mascis is playing with mike watt and murph at brownies in nyc on may 30th at 11pm
    j mascis is not prone to analyzing his career or brooding over it
    j mascis is back by t
    j mascis is mumbling into his telephone from an apartment in new york city
    j mascis is taking part of a contest of talents
    j mascis is one of the few traditional guitarists left in a post
    j mascis is
    j mascis is also performing at this conference
    j mascis is back
    j mascis is the founder of the now
    j mascis is loitering outside the venue looking somewhat
    j mascis is back in a strictly seven
    j mascis is a veritable sage? listen to him or die
    j mascis is almost as popular as the queen of england
    j mascis is playing a handful of acoustic/electric solo shows around the midwest next month
    j mascis is still rocking with a new band aptly called the fog
    j mascis is on a roll
    j mascis is recovering well from his broken vertebras at home
    j mascis is weer helemaal terug en weer helemaal luid en weer helemaal op z?n oude niveau
    j mascis is forever assured of critical huzzahs
    j mascis is dinosaur jr
    j mascis is still alive
    j mascis is my soul mate
    j mascis is a gift from god
    j mascis is also very much the fog
    j mascis is a man of few words
    j mascis is he doesn’t know how to make a bad album
    j mascis is the first true genius of the alterna
    j mascis is playing some assorted live dates around the us find out where at http
    j mascis is a big morrissey fan
    j mascis is god
    j mascis is still an indie
    j mascis is in baltimore tonight
    j mascis is the guitar
    j mascis is the guitar legend and frontman to the awesome and groundbreaking rock
    j mascis is the grungy lead guitarist and vocalist known for his lethargic
    j mascis is who kurt cobain wanted to be when he grew up
    j mascis is holding his own as a solo artist
    j mascis is currently my biggest influence
    j mascis is living all over you at fletcher’s
    j mascis is vooral bekend als leider van de voormalige topgroep dinosaur jr
    j mascis is 36
    j mascis is my guitar
    j mascis is the singer for dinosaur jr? 10
    j mascis is expected to focus on his solo work
    j mascis is playing for free at a bar in northampton
    j mascis is echt een van de beste gitaristen van het moment
    j mascis is also in the film




    Googlism for: dinosaur jr
    dinosaur jr is still very much perceived as a solo act
    dinosaur jr is simply amazing
    dinosaur jr is being cherished in the music society
    dinosaur jr is a good band
    dinosaur jr is continually given props for starting the grunge movement that rule the early 90’s
    dinosaur jr is on rhapsody listen to dinosaur jr and over 7
    dinosaur jr is a touchstone for the song "din
    dinosaur jr is a big influence
    dinosaur jr is a noise monster
    dinosaur jr is back with us again
    dinosaur jr is
    dinosaur jr is 255
    dinosaur jr is on tour
    dinosaur jr is niet meer
    dinosaur jr is een uit de
    dinosaur jr is not for cake decorating 2001
    dinosaur jr is a pretty cool band
    dinosaur jr is welded emphatically onto the
    dinosaur jr is a band that is an acquired taste
    dinosaur jr is soon to return with a band called j
    dinosaur jr is da best


    fata morgana

    c.g., it is very nice to read this from where I am sitting (with a broken ankle–A LOT of pain…)
    These Googlisms are almost poetic…



    <img> Very Cool <img>

    Priss that has gotta suck, more painkillers <img> Hope you feel better soon!!!




    hEY Priss

    Thats gotta hurt
    Here the’se are for u: flowers to make u feel better



    Take care Priss <img>
    Hope you`ll feel better soon <img>


    fata morgana

    Thank you for the flowers (!!!). Now I think I understand a little what J. went through with his back. I hope he is taking care of that. Thanks to you guys and gals (again)…More Googlisms!!!..


    Bucky Ramone


    j mascis is…….my hero <img>



    Hey Priss, sorry to hear about the ankle, as Mike Johnson says on QOTSA’s 2nd album – "It’s so lame".


    fata morgana

    That’s just about what it looked like. Now it’s kinda purple!

    Googlism: J is… J.


    Bucky Ramone

    j. mascis is the poet laureate of romantic confusion by erin franzman <img>

    <small>[ 10-25-2002, 04:45 PM: Message edited by: dB – stands for den Buck ]</small>


    penis tree

    am I the only person who doesnt know what a googlism is:?:


    expect nothing

    :lol: – i dont either really – but i kinda guessed the idea of it by the lists that were posted – but you’ve made a good point penis tree :)



    the idea behind a "googlism" is quite simple, but nice :)

    it is described here:

    you can type any key word, and this special search engine searches for you where ever your key word is mentioned on the web, and makes a list out of it.

    In this topic here, the applied key term was of course "J Mascis" resp. "Dinosaur Jr":P

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