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    Hey everybody I found this interview on Fret12.com they used fan questions when they interviewed J! They made him a thread where you post your questions and they will have him answer your question with a video response. I asked the admin how often they do this and he said when there are more question that need to be answered they will get them answered for us asap. Anyways I thought this was cool and who doesnt wanna ask J some questions. Enjoy

    This is where you post questions

    This is where the interview is



    Best quote ever "Bass and Drums are already distracting enough to me, I just like to hear myself play you know"



    Cool idea, but might be difficult to get additional answers – all the ones currently there are from a month ago and were done at the same time backstage (you can hear Lou + missingmen playing in the back). Would be sweet if it continued though…I like these.



    I would have an interesting one : "why the hell don’t you mute the sound of your tuner between each song when you’re on stage" ?! :P



    Just so I have a list of questions I would post J should the option arise.
    Things I’ve wanted to know for years. Although, No, Yes and not sure would be used for them all I guess.

    1. Will you ever play On The Way live?
    2. I (think) remember a quote about using a banjo on Gettin’ Rough cause the picking was to hard on a guitar. There’s a slighty dead/muted note at 1.28/9.
    (Putting aside I’m a geek/loser)is it deliberate? Just seems strange as production is always perfect.
    3.Tied into Q1, Will you tour Where you been next year?
    4. Green Mind had 13 tracks originally, Were they Hot Burrito #2, Turnip Farm, Forget It as featured on the reissue? If so who picks the tracks to cut? Because I think Turnip Farm is the best song on the album.
    5. Is there any connection between Alone & We’re not Alone?




    I heard Dinosaur play “On the Way” a few times, but that was in the 90’s. It sounds great! I hear you though, I want to hear them play “Leper”, I know they play I just can’t recall ever hearing them play it at a live show I’ve attended.

    I’d be up for touring “Green Mind”, but I’d be up for Dinosaur touring any album.



    Wow, I’ve never even seen it on a bootleg or FSF…. That song would just sweep around a room…..! The drums and guitar – Amazing

    I can’t remember hearing leper either, I listen to that bbc sessions CD a lot that’s a good version of it….

    It’s my favourite way to see a band now, play an album in full then just a mini best of…. I’ve seen Bug, YLOM and Lemonheads do Its a shame about Ray plus deftones do adrenaline The album gigs have been some of the best I’ve ever been to.



    I found my old ones


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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