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    This is the last time I’m able to catch J and Kurt on this tour (the other 2 were Philly and Brooklyn). I liked the Grog Shop-parking was easy, the crowd was friendly (I even got an unexpected kiss from a girl who liked my hair, which was nice [honey, if you’re reading, you made my night]), and the beer was cheap. 🙂 On the other hand, some guys almost got into a fistfight over something stupid, a bunch of tall guys took up all the good spots near the stage (I’m a short chick so this sucks), and a girl I talked to had her camera stolen, so every silver lining’s got its dark cloud, I guess.

    Here’s J’s setlist (Kurt Vile helped out on 8-9):
    1) Thumb
    2) Listen To Me
    3) Several Shades of Why
    4) Circle
    5) Can I
    6) Flying Cloud
    7) Ammaring
    8) Make It Right
    9) Not Enough
    10) Not The Same
    11) Get Me
    12) Ocean In The Way
    13) Not You Again
    14) Alone
    15) Quest
    16) Little Fury Things




    Thanks for the report. This show was closest for me (about 4 hours away) but I ended up missing it. I might try for NC later on. Glad you enjoyed the show!



    Thanks for the show reports & setlists! Can’t wait for the NC show.

    I’ll remember to be thoughtful to those behind me too (I’m 6’4″) 😉

    Someone posted Circle from the show

    and someone else posted “Can I” But the sound is a bit blown out


    King Tubby

    The Chicago set was basically the same, with some of the songs in a different order (whichever one J plays with Vile directly followed “Not Enough,” and “Not the Same” and “Flying Cloud” seemed to have switched places).

    It was an excellent set all around that really seemed to catch fire in the second half. The track J played with Vile (I don’t have the album yet so I don’t know the songs, aside from the two that were circulating around the web) in particular sounded great.

    Best of all, we got a 4-song encore that started with “Tarpit” (!!!!), then featured “Quest,” “Repulsion,” and “Little Fury Things.” Never thought I’d hear “Tarpit” solo, but it sounded fantastic. A fun night all around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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