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    From Norwegian Broadcasting Channel summer 2008. The radio studio plays bits of some well known artists and J Mascis is to comment on the drumming.
    The link below takes you to some articles and videoes. Scroll down below the Dave Grohl video and article. Look for the mps audio button. [img]http://www.nrk.no/lydverket/wp-content/plugins/anarchy_media/images/audio_mp3_play.gif[/img]



    Haha, that was great. Did he said "Food Fighters"?


    I remember when he lost his arm I was kinda thinking, that won’t matter much

    (about Rick Allen from Def Leppard)


    Good to hear J in a good mood



    Awesome! Best J interview I’ve ever heard. It was nice to hear him in such a good mood. I thought his comments on Lars drumming was pretty funny too.



    Yeah this interview was a classic. I’ve never heard J laugh so much. He said some pretty funny stuff too.



    Rhythmically challenged……that’s pretty funny.
    Although, I had chocked up several tardies in the 11th grade and as
    punishment I had to arrive to school 1 hour early and sit in with a class of first year orchestra students who were rhythmically as well as tonal ‘y’ challenged. In the end there was not much funny about it.

    I’m sort of wonderin’ when these fellows are gonna be back in the saddle.
    Gas is like a buck fi-ty right now…I’m waitin’, please come back….with new music,old music….does not really matter. I’m going to go ahead and put September on the calendar…J Mascis and his gang in town! There, it’s a done deal….I’m baking cookies for Lou, knitting little socks for Rory and lining up some single women for Murph.



    After listening to this interview I spent some time on youtube listening to J drum with Witch (after about a 20 min. drum lecture from a drummer friend) you know the right hand crossover and the basics of fills, pedal work and such. As I listened to J’s drumming, I had a Sagittarius moment myself and I thought, Dude…your fills are about as flamboyant as your speech….but being a Gemini, I didn’t say it out loud because I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. (I hear he has a lot on his mind, so I agree, he just needs to put some more time into it…that’s all) but I have a new appreciation for Murph!!!!
    My favorite drummer,of all who have played with J………..to just watch and watch is of course, the one and only….George "can I push your shopping cart for you" Berz.

    Thank God for youtube………..you can learn to knit a sweater, make explosives or learn to play Led Zeppelin’s D’yer Mak’er on drums all with the help of tutorials. John Bonham and I share a birthday and for some reason the drums in that song always fascinated me…..sort of the standard for the way a Gemini’s brain works, simple yet complicated, at the same time.
    I thought to myself, I could learn this song on drums in about an hour……after a few minutes of listening to the song over again, I decided against it…………the fills change up a lot, sweet little doubles beats at irregular intervals, making it more complicated than I thought….too much to remember, I’ve got better things to do. I were born a boy, I would have totally been into taking to time to learn it for no good reason….just because I know I could.

    had to edit: I realize, "I’ve got better things to do" sounds so….oh,I don’t know, Sagittarius again, I should have written, I have more pressing things things to do, things that are more important….higher up on the priority ladder….not exactly better just more important.


    "Tom" wrote:
    Awesome! Best J interview I’ve ever heard.

    Agreed. This was hilarious.

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