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    J Mascis International Horseshoe Team

    is playing at the Wilder Cats Benefit Concert, Saturday, January 15th
    Hampshire College Red Barn, Amherst, MA
    doors open @ 11am


    The Believers
    Dredd Foole
    Fat Worm of Error
    Scott Foust
    Franklin’s Mint
    Grey Skull
    Magik Markers
    J Mascis International Horseshoe Team
    Thurston Moore + The Heavy Peeps
    MV&EE Medicine Show
    The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea
    Jeremy Pisani
    Aaron Rosenblum
    Sunburned Hand of the Man

    All for only $10!!! (so bring some food to share!)




    wonder what this is all about, if hes got another band or what.. id like to check it out anyway


    Bucky Ramone

    From that page mentioned above:

    Day-long concert/gathering to celebrate community and raise money for the people affected by the December fire in downtown Brattleboro, VT. 18 local artists/bands in one room, on one day: The doors open at 11am, and they won’t close again until the wee hours. To help fuel the festivities, a potluck dinner will be served for all (bring a dish to share!), and a number of fabulous prizes will be raffled off over the course of the day. What a carnival!

    All this for only $10! (plus a little something for the potluck)

    **Tickets are limited to 150 (fire code) and only available at the door; first come, first served.

    …sounds cool…. 8) :lol:



    hey, that’s cool … wish i was still in the area to see this show, but i’m back in london now …

    i was visiting my best friend + her family right before xmas … they live in brattleboro + they were telling me about this terrible fire which had just happened + had burnt down this lovely old theatre they had there :( … glad to hear the people in w.mass are getting together to help out :D


    "kracked873" wrote:
    wonder what this is all about, if hes got another band or what.. id like to check it out anyway

    Definitely sounds interesting, hope you get the chance to check it out…and please let us know what exactly the J Mascis International Horseshoe Team is all about 8)

    Thanks for the tip Leah :mrgreen:



    well, i must have been confused (or not listening when my friend was telling me the fire story :roll: :D ) b/c as far as i can see no theatre was burnt down … just a residential building w/a few businesses like a music store :shock:

    here’s an article w/dramatic photos :arrow: http://cms.firehouse.com/content/article/article.jsp?sectionId=45&id=37236

    another linked article : http://cms.firehouse.com/content/article/article.jsp?id=37179&sectionId=46

    Fire Damages Downtown Brattleboro, Vermont Building

    Rutland Herald via Associated Press

    BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) — Town firefighters believe the fire that destroyed the top two floors of a four-story downtown building was caused by one of the residents who was smoking in bed.

    Emergency officials said two women who had been living in the Wilder Building were injured, one seriously, in the blaze that started before 6 a.m. Saturday. A total of 10 people lived in the building.

    One of the residents, Rose Billetdeaux, 21, was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital after the fire, according to Brattleboro Fire Chief David Emery.

    She was in critical condition with major burns to her face and torso, Emery said.

    It appears Billetdeaux caused the fire by smoking in bed, authorities said.

    “All the evidence points towards that,” Emery said. “I think she was probably falling asleep.”

    The other woman, Elizabeth Betts, was in the apartment with Billetdeaux. She was treated and released for smoke inhalation at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

    A firefighter, Dan Hiner, dislocated his shoulder and sustained a muscle strain when he slipped on debris and fell down a staircase while fighting the fire.

    “When we got there, there were flames coming out of four windows on the third floor,” said Michael Bucossi, Brattleboro’s assistant fire chief.

    The fire, which collapsed the roof of the building and left little standing in the charred upper floors, was under control by 10 a.m. Fire crews did not declare the blaze extinguished until nearly midnight Sunday.

    The apartments on the top two floors were destroyed and businesses on the lower two floors sustained extensive water damage. Among the businesses were a photo shop and a music store.

    “The people and businesses here, they lost everything,” Bucossi said. Most of the tenants were staying with relatives, and one couple is being assisted by the American Red Cross, he said.

    On Sunday, Emery toured the building with insurance adjusters and an engineer, who determined the building appeared sound enough to salvage. For the next two weeks, he said, engineers would continue to monitor the building, but it appears as though only the top two floors would need to be demolished.



    smokey say crush your butts!!!!!!

    Following the fire a crane was used to remove loose bricks and metalwork from the top of the buildings. Fire investigators from the Vermont State Police arrived on scene the following day to determine the cause of the fire, which appears to be carelessly discarded smoking material.


    Bucky Ramone


    …note that the poster just says ‘J. Mascis’……..



    Cool Poster :!:

    Hope they made a pile of cash at the benefit yesterday :mrgreen:


    Bucky Ramone

    I just found this:

    Saturday, January 15 – CorCraft (J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Suzanne Thorpe (Mercury Rev), Jason Martin, Troy Pohl and Al Kash) at the Red Barn on the Hampshire College campus. Day-long concert/gathering to celebrate community and raise money for the people affected by the December fire in downtown Brattleboro, VT.
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