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    Hi guys

    My husband and I went last night … We got there fairly early, just after the doors opened and were amazed at how the formerly grimy Garage had been updated into a lovely venue! Nice wooden floors, a higher curvy ceiling and purple/white textured walls as opposed to the old venue which had sticky black floors, sticky black walls and a very low ceiling which kept the hot air down low … ugh! Don’t get me wrong, the old Garage was a great place to see bands, but it wasn’t a very comfortable venue! :mrgreen:

    The 1st band were OK. Very slow tempo and a powerfully loud sound …

    The second band, Sleepy Sun were awesome and it seemed like a good amount of the crowd were there to see them and had already seen them at ATP last weekend (or maybe were going to see them at ATP this coming weekend). They are from San Francisco and although I had never heard of them or any of their songs I thought every one (of the 5) was lovely … The 2 singers had beautiful and very powerful voices (one guy, one girl) and they used all sorts of percussion like wooden blocks, maracas etc. The main thing was the whole band had a lot of energy and conviction in what they were doing and that really came over to the audience. Yeah! :D

    J and the guys watched the last bit of the sleepys from the side of the stage and The Fog came on around 9.45 … They played until 11 and then did a 15 minute, 2 song encore. I can’t remember all of the songs, but it was a 70/30 split between Fog songs (was good to hear those again) and some Dinosaur Jr ones as well.

    Ah … have to go .. will finish later … :D


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    Set us free
    Everybody let’s me down
    So what else is new

    Out there

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