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    <FONT>Friday November 5, 2000- J. Mascis and The Fog, Kimball Roeser Effect-Metro

    Anyone who has seen a Dinosaur Jr. show can testify that it is both a musically religious and hypnotizing experience. Seeing J. Mascis play guitar is probably the closest to seeing a modern day Hendrix. Playing at top volume through a multiple of customized Marshall setups- (1) Marshall JCM 800 and (1) white-faced Marshall 100 watt head through a 4×10 speaker cabinet- (1) Marshall JCM 800 full stack- and a wide variety of effects, the combination of a variety of Fender Jazzmasters, Telecasters, and Stratocasters never sounded better. The piercing high-end of Mascis was complimented well by the low-end of Mike Watt (Firehose, Minutemen, DOS) and his Gibson SG bass through a Marshall full-stack. This was the loudest show witnessed by this writer since Sugar came through Chicago for the Copper Blue tour in November of 1992.

    The classic lineup of J. Mascis (guitar) Murph (drums) and Lou Barlow (bass) lasted through the 1988 Dinosaur Jr. release Bug. Many Dinosaur Jr. fans believe Bug marked the pinnacle of the band’s career. Following the Bug tour Lou Barlow left the band to start his own project- the band Sebadoh. After Barlow’s departure, J. Mascis and Murph toured as Dinosaur Jr. with a ever-changing list of bass players. Before the recording of Without A Sound, in 1994, J. Mascis fired Murph and eventually found George Berz to be his full time drummer.

    The lineup of J.Mascis (guitar), Mike Watt (bass), and George Berz (drums) gave the capacity crowd at Metro a reason to get excited. The set list offered by J. Mascis and the Fog consisted primarily of Dinosaur Jr. songs. Included in the set-list were beautiful ditties such as Raisins, Out There, Forget the Swan, Freak Scene, Let it Ride, and Pointless. Songs off the band’ new release such as Waistin’ and Where’d you go were also included in the set list. For the most part the crowd was energetic during the songs they knew. When songs off Dinosaur’s first release, such as Pointless and Forget the Swan, were performed the crowd seemed disinterested. This was probably because these songs were released when most of the crowd was just growing-up. The band did make up for the lull by playing fan-favorites such as Freak Scene and Out There.

    Kimball Roeser Effect-Friday November 3, 2000- Metro

    Eddie "King" Roeser and Nash Kato wrote some of the best anthems of the 80’s and 90’s when they let Urge Overkill. On this night all I could say is how quickly the Mtv generation forgot "Sister Havana". I had three people ask me "who was that band?" after the Kimball Roeser Effect left the stage for the night. Nobody seemed to know who King Roeser was or is. King is a guy who wrote or co-wrote some of the best rock songs to come out the Chicago music scene and nobody seemed to care. He isn’t "cool" looking, he doesn’t preach to the crowd, but he does play LOUD power rock. Any so-called music fan who claims to like Urge Overkill prior to Saturation should love The Kimball Roeser Effect. If they don’t get airplay or exposure it will be a crime. However, if it’s up to the bandwagon generation, The Kimball Roeser Effect probably won’t earn any appearances on a video awards show anytime soon.

    Original Source : http://www.kuhlmusic.com/concert_reviews.htm


    Sold my soul and all I got was this lousy T-shirt…



    That’s weird. I was there, and I’m sure I heared no Forget the Swan, Pointless or Let it Ride. I’m guessing that the person who wrote this mistook some of the new songs for those three… Or am I just crazy?

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    I was laughing when I posted this and wondering how long it would take someone to catch that [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img] Those would be cool to hear though.

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    "J. Mascis and Murph toured as Dinosaur Jr. with a ever-changing list of bass players"

    Huh??? Ever changing?? Give Mike Johnson some credit, will ya!! i was laughing when i saw it list "Pointless". has J played this song live in the past 15 years??


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