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    It’s hard to be a Dino fan and living in Sardinia( an island in the mediterranean sea).But it’s cool to be on the road to get something you really care of, after waiting a lot of years.So, took the train in the afternoon, to get the north of sardinia, 250
    miles, 5 hours.Then got the boat for Geneva, 10 hours baby, a nice bottle of red Chianti,some joints…ready to sleep.Wake up in the morning, Geneva is in front of us, now we have to get Milan, still 2 hours of train, 100 miles.So finally got the place, Milan it’s chilly, shit.Hangin’ around the city, we were in front of the venue ( Tunnel)at 9:00 p.m. One minute later I saw George Berz outside, he was on the tour bus tring to get some hot with air conditionary.Finally we are inside the Tunnel.J and Mike step into the stage.The crowde is scriming the name of J.The guy grab his black jazzmaster saing: -Thank you, we’re goin’ to play a song from our last album it’s called Sameday- and they start.
    This is the right setlist:

    The lung
    Not right
    I’m not fine
    Get me
    Back before you go
    Little fury things
    All the girls
    Just like heaven
    A stooges cover that I don’t remember linked with Tv eye


    The concert was amazing. I saw Dino in 94 but they were more loud, I think because J got 6 Plexis, in Milan just 1.Anyway Watt was the surprise, his an umbilieveble player,
    Chainging the backing vocals on the new songs
    into his hardcore singin, you can really feel the energy flowin’ from the stage.At the end of the show he start from the stage to sell t-shirts!!!Can you believe it?? He could stay in a hotel drinkin’ and lyin’ with a couple of grupies, just if he wanted.What a punk attitude.Anyway the concert was great,just a little far…. saluti a chiodo e all’ altro italiano dei boards,io ero quello con icapelli lunghi ricci alla destra del palco, voi chi?



    ciao,sono chiodo,a parte che sei un grande,io ero con la mia morosa alla sinistra del palco guardando dall’entrata.PS:c’ero anch’io nel 94 al city square,è stato difficile aspettare così tanto.saluti



    <FONT>Ciao, devo dire che sei stato veramente un grande a venire dalla Sardegna fino a Milano!! Ho visto un sacco di gente da tutta italia (Roma, Reggio, ..), tutti innamorati dei Dinosaur.. Io sono arrivato da Torino e quindi un po’ di strada me la sono fatta anch’io.. Comunque anch’io sono stato parecchio tempo sulla destra del palco, davanti a J, avevo una maglietta nera degli Afterhours. Comunque è stato fantastico, era la prima volta che vedevo J, avevo sentito dire che non sapeva suonare dal vivo.. cooooooosaaaa????
    PS X Chiodo: quando hai sviluppato le foto puoi farmelo sapere? Magari riuscissi a scannerizzarle.. thanks!</FONT>

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