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    K7 Rides Again

    Well, it took some time, and a lot searching and listening, but…

    J’s WHERE’D YOU GO is really David Bowie’s ZIGGY STARDUST!!!! :shock:

    I know, I know, sad…but true none the less. I heard this song about 8 months ago on the radio, and thought "Wow this sure sounds like J!" Then the DJ announced it was actually Bowie. I meant to post it here then, but forgot after a long day at work. It just occured to me the other night, and I’ve been doing a lot of borrowing and listening since.

    We all know J covers Bowie’s Quicksand, so does this really come as a surprise?
    I also hear a large amount of J’s style in other Bowie works like…

    -Queen Bitch
    -Hang Onto Yourself

    So I was just wondering if you all could come up with any other artists, that you REALLY hear as J’s influences? (besides Neil Young)

    I realize we’ve had this topic b4, but I thought I’d fire it up again.

    Just listen to Ziggy Stardust, and you’ll see what I mean. If anyone can find a simularity like that…. :shock: 8)



    yeah, I agree there is some similarity to ziggy stardust.. but , hey, all music builds on stuff the composer has heard before..

    if we draw the line further out, I would say that everybody let’s me
    down , has borrowed some melody from alphavilles ‘forever young’..

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