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    I really like the "Feel the Pain" video and now I’m wondering if J is in fact truly into golf.
    Any one know???
    This interview outtake along with the video leads me to believe so…

    Me- Alright, enough!! So how’s the shows going?
    Mascis- That’s a lame question.
    Me- Dude. I’ll kick your hippy ass.
    Watt- (laughing) That’s pretty harsh.
    Me- That’s our relationship. We see each other twice a year, and give each other shit. But today I’m gonna try to be nice. Okay, how ’bout a golf question? Who’s gonna win the Masters.
    Mascis- (Suddenly interested) I guess the obvious choice would be Tiger (Woods)
    Me- What about John Daly?
    Mascis- Is he playing? I don’t think he still has eligibility, but if he does, yea, I want him to win.
    Me- You know, he shortened the length of his driver, to try to improve his accuracy.
    Mascis- I think that’s a good move.
    Me- I think he might be drinking again too.
    Mascis- Another good move. No, he’s gotta get it together.
    George- He was better when he was drinking. Won the PGA shitfaced.


    Thanks guys



    Yeah he plays golf. He talked a little bit about it when this video first came out. He’s also into skiing too! Man that guy’s a Renaissance Man!



    With how active and thin J used to be, he must’ve gotten REALLY depressed to "let himself go" for lack of a better term.



    I remember reading an interview in the 90’s and the interviewer said when he showed up at J’s house he (J) was bummed it wasn’t some golf company rep who was supposed to bring him a certain club. Funny. :lol:



    I heard that J`s grandmother got him into golfing



    Nice… Thought so. I play a bit of golf myself… :)
    Thanks for your replies…


    Yeah Right

    I’ve posted this on Freakscene before for different reasons.. anyway it’s an Australian interview during which J discuses golfing in Australia

    Golf is not the only in the interview.

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