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    J Mascis Interview:

    The J Mascis of Dinasour JR. – Where did he go ??? a q&a by Jeff Inman
    J Mascis
    by: Jeff Inman ( Email Me, Please )

    OK, so you now treat flannel like a fashion flaw, and you think righteous angst is about as hip as beehive hairdo. You’ve probably forgotten not only how to spell Lollapalooza, but also why it was such a big deal. Hell, the early ‘90s are as blurry as a heroin stupor.
    But even though rock’s last great revolution ended years ago, there are still those few musicians that are still out there banging out great tunes despite the ‘NSync apocalypse—Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters, occasionally Pearl Jam. Add J Mascis to the list.
    The one-time leader of Dinosaur Jr., Mascis went into hiding after the group broke up—or at least, when Mascis, virtually a one man band, decided to retire the name—in 1997. Three years later Mascis is back, now sporting the name, The Fog, spitting out another dose of feedback-drenched, Neil Young-inspired alt.rock with all the passion of Gen. X’er talking about his first encounter with Kurt Cobain. His new album, More Light, is noisy, melodic and dissonant all at the same time. It’s a reminder that rock doesn’t need samples and suburban flow to be powerful and interesting.
    Now prepping for an upcoming tour this fall—rumors have The Fog here in November—Mascis took a few minutes to chat, or at least moan about, the new record, rock legacies and his budding film career.

    Noise: You’ve been doing press for the last couple weeks now, cruising across Europe and the U.S. promoting your new record, More Light. You’ve gotta be sick of at least one question now?
    Mascis: Yeah, after you’ve been asked, “Why did you change the name from Dinosaur Jr. to The Fog even though it’s still just you?â€



    Another great find Spaceboy!

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to type it!!



    Cool find,Spaceboy!



    Great interview, Thanks a lot….

    BTW, I just read "our band could be your life" in the book store (yeah, i am took cheap to buy it [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] ), and it’s got a nice section on Dino.

    Who else’s read it?

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