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    Here’s a short interview just published in the local San Diego music rag, Slamm

    The World’s Worst Interview
    by Gordon Downs

    Trying to talk with J. Mascis, over the phone is like clapping with one hand. And a heavily sedated hand at that. His laconic, often monotonous voice can lull even the most aware and able journalist into a nap.

    Speaking with Mascis via cell phone as he strolls through Oakland’s International Airport makes the conversation all the more difficult. With static breaking in and out of our dialogue, I’m terrified that my vintage Dictaphone will catch nothing but white noise or silence. And there is much of the latter.

    Mascis is a soft-spoken gentleman who often pauses for moments on end before completing a thought, or even a sentence. At present, Mascis’ new album is a quandary unto himself. When questioned about the new record, and about the status of his record label, he seems to know about as much as the hostess at D.Z. Akins — and far less than your average record store clerk.

    “I dunno?â€



    Thanks to Stryder9898 for the interview info. I’m not sure what Gordon Downs was expecting considering the situation with the cell phone interview.

    I not sure if I would have asked the line of questions Gordon did, they seemed kind of boaring to me? <img>




    Gotta agree about that line of questioning being more than a little bit dry, the commentary accompanying though is typical lazy journalism…ie the nyquol ruffie thing <img>

    J straight edge since the early eighties…news to me but Hey!

    Thanks for posting the article Stryder, appreciate it!!! Welcome to the boards

    Allison <img>

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    Thanks Stryder for posting this and welcome to the boards <img>



    Yea J’s edge must not be that straight the time I saw him trip on the stage and spill wiskey all over the place.



    hEY Stryder

    Welcome aboard

    & Much Thanks for that interview

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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