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    thedaily.washington.edu :mrgreen:

    I’m almost sure, that I haven’t seen this interview before (but I might be wrong). It sorta anticipates the break up with Warner.

    Dinosaur Jr. Intereview
    Jim Walkley
    Daily Staff

    When J. Mascis, the lead singer and guitarist of Dinosaur Jr., went to turn in the band’s new album to their record label, he was told that it lacked one crucial thing ‹ an obvious single. Dinosaur Jr. has a long-standing tradition of putting its most accessible, radio-ready song as either the first or second track on the albums, but none was to be found on Hand It Over, the band’s latest release.

    “I had this song laying around that I wasn’t going to put on the album,â€


    Any fans with sore feelings about only seeing their band for 35 minutes should think about going to one of Dinosaur Jr.’s two shows in Seattle, as the band has been playing for about two hours on their Hand It Over tour. As Mascis put it, “It’s obvious that we don’t have anything better to do.â€
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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