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    I found this article on CNN this morning, the fellow had an I-touch with a recording app like J talked about using. He was pulled aside and hassled about having $4,000 in cash on him as he was flying….that amount of cash is allowed and they had no business questioning him about it…so he turned his recording thing on and I’m so happy he did it.”>

    I have had two run ins with TSA…..the last time in Alabama in which I was told "don’t move…and (as I was trying to explain what I was doing) I was told to "shut up….and don’t talk"…..that pissed me off so bad so I just kept talking….he asked me "Are you going to stop talking" …the answer was "No"…."you can’t bully another person like that" ….I kept telling him I am going to the gate to meet my child who is only 10 and flying alone all the way from San Francisco…I was told to be at the gate at least 1/2 an hour early by the airline and that’s what I’m going to do….he told me that TSA is closed, and while parents of children flying alone are asked to go to the gate (and I had a pass) he told me no one was there to screen me so I would have to wait up in the lobby until the plane landed and they would find my child and bring her to me. I spoke with her and her stewardess as she was about to board in CA and told them I would be right there when she got off…….two years ago in South Carolina I (and three other women) were asked to turn around and put our hands on our car….because we drove in the wrong direction (I wasn’t driving) but we had been driving for a few hours, it was late, we were tired and I had to pee so bad and I was laughing so hard and the "flycops" were bullying me again asking "So you think this is funny" …."Do you think this is funny" and the only answer I had was "yes"………you can’t arrest someone for thinking a stupid situation is funny. There I was a grown person holding myself like a four year old child because they wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom. I dislike airports and everyone who works for the TSA. Sometimes I think, you know J Mascis has to do this much more than the rest of us and somehow he deals with it.
    That App does sound useful.

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