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    About 200 people attended the gig. An italian rockband, Sprinzi (http://www.sprinzi.net) played before and J reached them on stage playing drums in 2 songs.
    Then he started his usual solo show and obviously was great.
    This is the setlist:

    1. The Lung/Thumb
    2. Freak Scene
    3. Drawerings :P
    4. What Else Is New
    5. Set Us Free
    6. Sameday
    7. Keeblin
    8. Ammaring
    9. Little Fury Things
    10. Repulsion
    11. Everybody Lets Me Down
    12. Quest
    13. Get Me
    14. Flying Clouds
    15. Not You Again
    16. Alone
    Encore: The Wagon
    2nd Encore: Every Mother’s Son

    During the concert he asked for any request. Some people shouted: Feel the Pain!, others: Out There!, I screamed: Severed Lips, but he started Repulsion (I think he had already decided).
    At the end (after about 1h20′) J was very kind to his fans, staying a lot of time in the venue. He signed my You’re Living All Over Me and Free So Free cd covers.
    Only one sorrow: the setlist was nearly the same of the last european tour.
    Maybe he can’t remember other songs…

    I filmed the gig but (don’t know why!!!) the audio is very bad. If someone is interested I can upload the show on freesofree.net but if I can’t improve the quality of the sound I think it’s useless.
    I also got few pictures: next days I’ll upload on photo album!



    thanks for the review + the setlist … cool to hear that j played drums w/the opening band 8) 8) … can’t wait to see your pix :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey plissken, thanks for the review, sounds like a cool show, looking forward to the pics 8) :)



    yes, thanks for the review…basically same setlist as the show in Rimini and same opening band ( but he didn’t play with them in Rimini )…I’m surprised J talked to the audience, in Rimini he didn’t say a word!


    "plissken" wrote:
    3. Drawerings :P

    indeed! :D
    thanks for your input plissken, cool that he took requests.
    now all I gotta do is to kidnap J and get him to play here in Norway.



    Thanks for the review Plissken :aliensmile:



    hey plissken, great to hear you had another chance to see a J show in Rome :) :) :)

    thank you very much for the review & setlist. Drawerings doesn’t show up that often in his acoustic shows :D

    it looks like J has got a "big setlist" for the acoustic shows, from which he picks the songs he wants to play. I once even heard him doing Severed Lips solo acoustic & it was fantastic. I hope he’ll play it more often in upcoming shows!

    can’t wait to see the pics! :)
    sorry to hear about the sound problems on your recording. would be great if some wizard would know what to do about it… :? I still enjoy your great video recording from last year! :D


    now all I gotta do is to kidnap J and get him to play here in Norway.

    good idea robert + afterwards could you send him over to london ? thanks :mrgreen: :aliensmile: :mrgreen:




    WOW :!:

    Thanks for posting those, appreciate it. One of those gig posters says featuring Mike Watt…did that happen :?:

    Cool site :mrgreen:



    hey plissken, great pics :!: :mrgreen:

    thanks a lot for sharing those!
    haven’t heard of any Watt appearance during the Italy tour…



    the driver was just like watt so…!!!!

    look the poster in the album photo



    Watt has a twin out there, don’t know if the world can handle that kind of energy x2 :wink: :aliensmile:

    Love to see a pic, must be a pretty entertaining guy :mrgreen:



    lol, I see, thanks for clearing it up, stefano :D … maybe this guy? 8) :?:




    That has to be him, looks just like him :shock:

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