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    Just wondering who all is going to the show next friday at the northstar? Saw J there back in March, and can’t wait to see him there again! Only 3 1/2 hours in the car to get there…really excited to read on northstar’s website that they raised the stage! I’m about 6’2" and I still had to look in between people’s heads last time…felt so bad for all the vertically challenged individuals there. Lemme know if you’ll be there, and maybe I can buy you a beer….forget that, I’m cheap, we can just toast to another great evening at the northstar.



    i am toying with the idea of going up on the train to see j, and coming back right after (i’ve done this with other acts so i know it works). but can you tell me where is this northstar? is it anywhere near the area that has tattooed moms and those other bars and venues, or is it someplace else? how convenient to transportation (like taxis) is it? tia for any help you can provide



    northstar is in like da ghetto.

    we went in march, and had a blast meeting J, George and some of the Cortez members. And if all goes well this time, we’ll provide you with some tunes to listen to. <img> maybe another video I’ll never release too. <img> well, I would release it, if someone had the tools to encode it . ..

    should be a cool gig. look for me in the front with a video camera….



    Yeah, northstar is definitely in the ghetto…never been in that neighborhood before the March show, so my brother, a friend and I wandered around looking for a place to eat and stuff. Let’s see, got approached by a drug dealer, dodged trash in the streets, and saw a nice group of young boys riding dirt bikes and four wheelers down the street. I actually might grap a bite to eat at that place right up the steet on Girard…had a good pizza pie there last time while listening to some drunk old man talk shit to a girl and her momma. Anyone know what time the first act is starting, as well as when J is going to go on? Last time it was about 4am till I drove us back to Centre County…go PA turnpike coffee!!!



    squeapler, northstar is on 2639 poplar street, right on the corner of 27th if that helps…I’m not all that familiar with philly.



    On the Ultimatum website it says J goes on at 2300, although I would double check that with the club if possible cause things can change.

    Looking forward to the reviews of the show <img>




    yeah thanks for the responses guys, i checked mapquest as well and i see it’s not anywhere near any of the places i usually go up there, unfortunately. is there any public transportation nearby? i worry about getting stuck places that cabs dont want to go after a certain hour.



    i would totally recommend taking a cab. get there early and have a few beers, then take a cab when it’s over. last time we were there, j and george were right outside when we got out of the cab. there’s a thread somewhere on the boards about that adventure we had last march…



    cool, i’m gonna try and make it up to the show then. hey anybody in philly who has a fone number for a decent cab company that serves that area after shows, could you e-mail it to me at [email protected] . anthony i e-mailed ya off list seeking same, thanks to everybody for your help so far and to anyone who can send me a cab company fone number…just trying to avoid another cab horror like i had in another city once where the cab didn’t show up for hours…tx again



    ok, got to the show, had fun, now feeling silly because Philadelphia has good cab service like NYC. At least I made the cabbie who picked me up at the Northstar laugh all the way back to the hotel with my cab horror stories from other less enlightened cities. i’ll post a longer show review tomorrow or so, but for now, who all was there? I met and hung out with a whole bunch of super nice "Wasted" people but none of them were Freakscene people (or if they were they wouldn’t admit it <img> I was the lady in the flowered shirt rockin’ out on the stage steps during "Ammaring", I looked for someone with a video camera but couldn’t spot anybody…shout out if you were there!


    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by squeapler:
    <strong> i’ll post a longer show review tomorrow or so!</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>den Buck somehow got hold of a preview of that longer show review <img> <img> <img> :

    > Tonight in Philly, J. Mascis kicks off tour with Cobra
    > Verde. Of note, this year’s version of the Fog is
    > Johnny (from CV) on bass and Mark (from CV) on drums
    > supporting J. Should rock.

    It did indeedy, I headed up to Philly Friday at the last minute and I just got back (I wuz taking my notes—but they were musical notes, haha!). One thing though, John n’ Mark only backed J. on one tune Friday night, though it was a long jam (on "Ammaring"). The show was mostly a J. solo show like he’s been doing all year, only with more
    cuts from the new album worked in. Not sure if they were planning to jam on a few more tracks but had to cut it short due to technical difficulties, because J. said he was getting shocked when he tried to play electric and sing at the same time. Interestingly, Mark has quite the following up in Philly, there were about ten of us in the corner yelling, "Mark! Mark! Mark! Klein! Klein! Klein!" after J & co. left the stage. it was a trip.

    – squeapler

    Thanks Squeapler! <img>



    Big Thanks Squeapler, looking forward to part II <img>

    Last Fog tour J, Watt & George got together once prior to the tour starting, the nite b4 <img> Hopefully J stops getting shocked & plays a few more electric songs for everyone out there. Have the set list, sent to us by a very cool J fan… <img>

    Someone Said
    Flying Cloud
    What Else Is New
    Tell The Truth
    Get Me
    Everybody Let’s Me Down
    The Lung
    Throw Down
    Not You Again
    Little Furry Things
    That’s How It’s Gotta Be
    Ammaring…with Cobra Verde guys
    Every Mother’s Son

    Quite the set list, sounds like it was a thrill…can’t wait to hear it!!!

    Allison <img>



    wow! I would really love to hear that version of Ammaring!
    thanks, Squeapler, I’m looking forward to hear more about the gig <img>



    heh, yeah that earlier was me posting back to Wasco on the Watt list because he announced the show over there. flying cloud, I saw at least one taper setting up so hopefully someone will come forward with a recording of the gig—if not I’m sure they will play it again at future gigs. Some more about the show…the first band was some rock act with a female lead singer called Lo-Fi, it was kinda retro and kinda good. then Cobra Verde played—they were a little ragged, understandable because it’s first night of the tour and also they just replaced a guitarist on short notice (I think this might have been Jovan’s first show with the band), but they put a lot of heart into it anyway.
    then J came on, wearing a T-shirt with a cow on it that must be really old or at least a long-running design, because I have a blouse and skirt from 1990 printed all over with the very same cow. I was sorry I hadn’t worn it! Although he played mostly the same songs he’s been doing, this show seemed more energetic than the one I saw a couple months back. Maybe it was just that the crowd was more pumped up having seen two rock bands open rather than one acoustic guy. near the end John and Mark came up and accompanied J as it had been announced they would do, which gave J a chance to cut loose on guitar for an extended period of time—Petkovic doesn’t play a very aggressive bass so there was nothing to get in J’s way and he just went on and on and on, ’twas great stuff especially for an old dino jr. fan like me, and the crowd was going wild. I think everybody expected more but J stopped and everyone left the stage. Then J came back and announced his shocking problem (earlier there seemed to be a lot of monitor trouble too–this club didn’t seem to have it together) and finished playing acoustic.
    I was kind of expecting the CV guys to back J on one of the new album tracks so "Ammaring" was a pleasant surprise.
    Oh yes, and people in Philadelphia are very nice…they share their cheese fries and stuff <img> lots of fun.



    hey squeapler, thanks a lot for the resumption <img>
    I really hope to find a recording of one of the gigs with the Cobra Verde guys.
    I think, Cobra Verde won’t tour with J in Europe, so we won’t have the chance for "electric" gigs around here this fall, but an acousic gig is wonderful, as well <img>

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