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    I was overjoyed to see that J was playing in Madison, WI in April but horrified to see that it’s a 21 and over show…

    I will turn 21 two months from then…

    How do I get in??? Any suggestions??

    (I think you all understand how important it is that I see this show, and any suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Thanks!!)



    Hey almost 21,

    That has gotta hurt, definitely understand the need to attend the J concert…cannot imagine the pain of not attending a show in my home town <img>

    Being your almost 21 maybe they won’t even card you but not sure I would take that chance in the just in case kinda way. Any friends you know that have gone to that club with any tips would be the 1st thing to check out, do you have an older bro/sis that looks something like you… <img>

    Sorry being Canadian and no coffee yet this am thats all I can think of. Good luck and fingers crossed you find a way <img>




    fake id’s , fake id’s, anybody got any fake id’s?-or call the club, could they just stamp your hand? <img>


    The Dude

    do you look 21? if you don’t closely resemble some junior high punk, i think you’ll be all right. the last time i was at the annex, the guy at the door didn’t look overly concerned with checking i.d.’s., which actually, i think is something that holds true for most bars in madison. i’d come down if i were you, otherwise, after you hear how good the show is, you’ll always regret not even trying.



    If the club opens up a few hours before the show sometime during the day, there may not be anyone at the door and you can just walk right in. You may have to kill a few hours inside though. I would just hang around the door and wait until an opportunity arises. If you see J, explain your situation and ask him to put you on his guest list. Get a fake ID. Bribe the door man with a $100 bill. Find another door into the club and sneak in. Tell the doorman you just want to go inside so you can fill out an application for employment. If you see the opening band hauling thier equipment in, grab an amplifier or something and haul it in and look like you know exactly what you’re doing. Walk into the front door before the show carrying a guitar case and maybe people won’t mess with you. Do whatever you can… About 8 years ago I was too young for a show and I ended up sneaking into another part of the building and I was at least able to listen to it. Whatever you do, don’t give up. You’d be suprised what you can get away with in this world.


    If you make it in, say hi to me, I’ll probably be there.



    I just turned 17, and all venue’s here are 21+. I’ve tried everything, none of it works. I’ve had to miss several shows here, even when I was on the guest list.


    John Dyson

    What is this 21 thing with the US, over here you can get in most shows at 14+ – just can’t buy beer…



    21+ shows have got to suck. Here in Ohio, they’re usually just 18+, which is bad enough.

    Instead of going the fake ID way, just try to borrow an older friend’s driver license. Make sure you are of the same sex at least. <img> Wear a hat to the show to blur the comparison process even further. It helps if you the person’s ID has glasses and you have glasses on too. Most door people at smaller clubs aren’t that concerned with checking ID’s. If you have will call tickets, usually they forget to ID you anyways.

    You can try to come out and be flat out honest. Just explain that you can’t (sounds better than won’t) drink and offer to put a black X your hands. Especially since you’re so close to 21 anyways.

    You can also attempt to wing it. Show him your ID and see what happens. I got stamped over 21 when I was 20 a few times. Also, if he goes to the ‘finger counting’ you’re in. I mean, if you tell him you’re 21, and he cant figure out if you are or arent by your ID, I think you’re in. Remember, you turn 22 in 2 months. It’s only a lie, if you believe it’s a lie. However if he is a sharp crayon and he knows you’re lying to him, you’re SOL.

    And there’s 2 last resorts….. In most states in the US, you can go to a bar at any age, as long as you’re with a parent or guardian. How you define a guardian could be pretty funny, but it’s worth a thought.

    And lastly, when I was 17, (trying to get in an 18+ show) I had a friend go in and get his hand stamped, then met me at the back door pronto and the backs of our hands made sweet ink love <img> I tipped the bartender $4 on a $1 coke to make it feel ‘alright’.

    Good luck.


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