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    After going to see J for the last 9 years, this was one of my favorite shows, (besides the one two years ago at the Troubadour when I saw The Fog for the first time and heard all the new songs and J going electric again after a few years.)

    Anyway, his acoustic set was incredible. He did some songs from More Light as well as the old ones. "Get Me" is my personal favorite song of his to hear live because of the guitar part, but my favorite song of this particular night was one of his encore songs, another oldie but goodie, "The Wagon." But in short, it was fun. I just wish J would talk more. He’s so quiet on stage.

    But the best part of the night was that I talked to J for a short minute before the show and he was really very nice. I also got to meet Allison Anders at the show who is also super dooper sweet. Me and my friend Jen who adore both J’s music and Allison’s movies got our picture taken with the two of them and Allison’s son Rubin.

    I can’t wait to see the photos. I was going to check out J’s San Diego show too, but opted to keep driving right past San Diego and across the border in to Mexico (since i’d never been there). I spent the weekend in beautiful La Mision at a Hacienda right on the ocean and I loved it. It was super cheap too. We evem rode horses on the beach with 3 Mexican children. You can’t ask for a cooler moment than that. <img>



    Thanks for the review, Shade. Wow, the California reviews have made me long for another visit there. Last time I wasin the state was over 10 years ago and not for fun.

    I have had this info for awhile, but I didn’t get the impression anyone would give a hoot about it . On the "Grace of My Heart" soundtrack, Joni Mitchell had allowed the song "Man from Mars" to be used before it was released on her then-forthcoming album, "Taming the Tiger". In the movie, someone else who I forget sings the song, as does someone else on most of the soundtrack releases. However, a production goof was made and Joni’s voice appeared on several (hundred?) of the first releases to the public.

    The folks over at The Joni Mitchell Discussion List would probably give up some dough for it or it might be interesting to know you have a collector’s item on your hands.

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    Sounds like it was a real cool time Shade <img>

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