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    This just in….. :P :shock: :D

    check out amritavarsham.org for picture of Mascis playing at a celebration of the 50th birthday of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), the celebrations are in the name of world peace and harmony and are being held in cochin, kerala.

    slideshow update
    "The night of September 25th saw a wide variety of cultural performers from around the world making offerings to Amma. Some of the many performers included Soubugen, traditional Japanese music and dance from Japan; an international bhajan group that featured American rock star J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and a music medley from Rajasthan that featured whirling ladies, fire-spitters, sword swallowers and the worlds largest moustache!"

    * the pics are in the album now too :)



    8) 8) :D :D :) :) :aliensmile:



    cool :mrgreen:



    Great pics :aliensmile:



    Thats really cool, out of the thousands of people who follow Amma J is considered important enough to perform for her birthday. He is playing bass and singing I wonder if he is playing a J song or something they worked on, maybe Ammaring. I want a bootleg of that performance with all those other musicians.



    also, very nice to see that you haven’t been abducted by aliens jeremiah. Or, that they’ve finally returned you safely back to earth.
    anyways, good to have you back! :D



    How long has J been a part of this group and what exactly is it about ? From what i understand the Amma is the divine in human form is this right ?



    Haha, cool! :D



    cool pics! 8) :!:

    for those who haven’t heard about Amma, and what she means to J, here are a few links:

    Amma’s homepage: http://www.ammachi.org

    … don’t forget to have a look at Amma’s world tour schedule :wink: :idea:

    and again, here is a link to a very interesting interview with J about Amma :D


    The song is called, "Help Me Amma." It was pretty direct

    no doubt.


    thanks for the links. great pictures.



    :mrgreen: That’s a very humbling pic. I always try to play that song on my guitar but i get it wrong, the ammarring. :roll:



    J is playing a parker fly we need a bootleg of this.



    wow … that looks like it was a fantastic event … i wish i could have been there

    i particularly like this excerpt from amma’s birthday message …

    Let us reflect a little on the glimpses that we see in society:
    1. To study about the worlds within the ocean and about the mysteries in space, we spend a lot of money and organize expeditions. But we are not ready to explore the inner world within, which is nearer than the nearest.
    2. The size of the TV screens in our homes is getting bigger and bigger. But at the same time our mental screens are becoming smaller and smaller. It is our selfishness and ego, which is responsible for this.
    3. We have powerful vacuum cleaners today that can suck even the smallest speck of dust. But we are not at all aware of the pile of rubbish (negativity) within increasing day after day.
    4. We have decorated the walls of our houses with wallpaper featuring beautiful images of nature. We love it very much that way. But at the same time we cut the trees around our houses. We do not hesitate to dump garbage into rivers or ponds.

    It is the mind that makes life beautiful or ugly. We should first beautify the mind.

    i’ve been taking meditation classes since feb this year and this is some of the same stuff we’ve talked about as well… i wish i could see amma when she comes to london in nov, but i think it costs a lot of money ! :cry:



    It looks like people seem a little happier there in the arms of a saint like her. :cry: Not like it is in California, where people continue to criticize and persecute non believers of certain things and unacheivers of non-financial goals! Musicians need to be truthful about where they get their paths. They feed on the heartless lonely stingrays of this here sea. :cry: I hope there’s more light on J’s next record. This one is good but it fails to intitiate a feeling that we are free. We’re not, the government and lock monsters continue to destroy while the imprisoned minds of lunacy further decay the fabric that led to this event. The sins of the past drip heavily and without judgement, and you know why I come here. This is like church, i come here to confess what I never could. Everything’s just quilty. I’m co-bany. Does anyone want to know? I don’t, it’s none of my business.

    I’m sorry J, hate to be an asshole. I hope you win the battle of the bands, but forget charity, his mind’s really blown. :P



    found some more good stuff on amma …

    Miranda, a Dutch follower who has moved to India to be close to Amma, said: "…I felt heavenly when she hugged me. I then knew the meaning of life."

    Most of the people Amma embraces relate similar experiences – but not all. A Daily Mirror reporter in London three years ago said being hugged by Amma was "like lying on a rather comfortable pillow". :shock: :mrgreen:

    and …

    Other devotees will travel from far further afield, including Linda Evans, :shock: the actress best known as Krystle Carrington in the American Eighties soap Dynasty, perhaps the embodiment of all the values Amma most reviles. :!: (anyone else think that’s a bit harsh ??)
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