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    Half Moon Club, Cork. The first question we asked ourselves was who was going to be playing the drums. The support band Jimi Shields (ex Rollerskate Skinny) and Suzanne Thorpe (Mercury Rev?) were playing guitar and flute. Next thing Jimi shouts where’s J? We heard a croak from behind us saying "Yeeeah". He ambles on stage with his backpack and guitar and heads for the drumkit. Holy shit! Jimi said J was going to play two songs with them. Didn’t know what they were but they were good. J playing on drums. Jimi and Suzanne then left the stage and J plugged in and pulled up a seat. He played all the classics, Grab it, Get me, The Wagon, Repulsion, The Lung, Keep The Glove, Freakscene (!), and even took our request for Just Like Heaven with a glance and a mumble as if to say how does that go again. He got a great reception, even leaning back in his chair for his solos.
    J came down to sign autographs, then went back up for an encore. Afterwards he stayed around to sign more autographs.
    Drove up to Dublin the next day for the gig that night in Whelan’s. More or else the same story, but Suzanne’s flute failed and she had to bail out.
    He also came out at the end to sign autographs. Two great nights!



    yeah !!!! sounds like 2 great shows … :D … thanks for the review



    thanks for the review, jmud.
    J’s guest appearance with Jimi Shields and Suzanne Thorpe must have been a special experience, indeed :mrgreen: :D :!:



    J on drums with the warm up band, then played his own set…definitely doesn’t get much better than that!!! Thanks for the reviews, wicked couple of nites 8)

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