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    Alex French

    Hey, heard there’s a J show in Cleveland at the Grog Shop on 10/18 I got tickets for. A couple of questions…

    1. I’m asuming its just a solo tour but I don’t know, Anybody know for sure? (I’ll be happy either way)

    2. Anybody going to this particular one in Cleveland?



    I’m going to the Cleveland show. I took the day off ork about three weeks ago. I’m going to hit the Detroit show Thursday, Cleveland on Friday, and maybe the Cinncinati show on Saturday.
    I’ll be the tall guy in front of the stage that always gets hit with beer bottles by short people(No offense to anyone). They get pissed because they can’t see over me. I never understood why a 5 foot 7 person would stand directly behind someone whos 6 foot 4 anyways, then be stupid enough to complain or get violent about it.
    I don’t drive for hours, then sit my butt on concrete for 3-4 sometimes even 5-6 hours to stand in the back row.
    I’ll see you guys there. Sorry I got off topic. Maybe I should start a new thread titled Concert pet peeves.


    K7 Rides Again

    Allright, you all have to promise to please post an in-depth review of the gig. There’s 4, yes count’em, 4 shows all within the general vicinity of Kurticus and he’s going to be out of town for all of them, dang-nabbit!!!!
    And plus he’s going to be jammin’ w/ the Verde so I’m almost certain J’s going to rock out like the J of old!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH DAMNIT!!!!!!!!
    Please someone tell me they’ll post a review here!!!!

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font><strong>I’m thinking Kurticuz ‘ll be there, maybe he’ll say hello. </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>BOO HOO HOO *sniffle*
    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font><strong>If not, just look for the guy resembling Jared Leto and offer up some Big Red, he’ll be yer friend instantly</font><hr></blockquote><font></strong>
    HARDY HAR HAR HAR!!! Stop!!!! Stop!!! Yer killing me!!! HA HA HA!!! You dick;)

    <small>[ 10-16-2002, 08:19 PM: Message edited by: kurticus7 ]</small>


    K7 Rides Again

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> by tones
    <strong>No I’m not</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Geez, don’t get yer undies in a bunch! I was only making light of the Jared Leto thing and the Big Red comment that so consistently cracks me up <img> and in the good hearted nature of the joke tried to perpetuate it w/ my own comments but apparently SOMEONE has no since of humor <img> <img>

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font><strong>Have fun outta town ….Where are you going?</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Uranus! (ha ha ha!!!)
    Nah, Pheonix for a few to party w/ some old friends!

    Later board, I’m outtie 5-0 <img>

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    wow <img> I like that site very much, DeepRest <img>
    thanks for posting that link

    I hope to read some reviews/ impressions/ retrospections or anything else about the upcoming shows, and I hope there will be some Cleveland stuff, too <img>

    <small>[ 10-17-2002, 04:22 PM: Message edited by: Flying Cloud ]</small>

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