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    Having seen J play a number of times both accoustic and electric I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show. I had heard that he would play accoustic and maybe play a song or two with cobra verde. Well I got to the the show at eight and no one had started. Lo-hi the opening band didn’t start till like 9:30. I went around the corner with a friend to another bar. When I returned the scene had changed and Cobra Verde hit the stge. I waited outside not really interested. At the outside bar I saw many of J’s usual crew: his girlfriend, Tiffany Anders, Evan Dando, George Berz, Noel, and a bunch of others. Well J went on about 11:00, I guess. He played with the i looper, a delay and a fuzz factory and a tuner alternating between two Gibsons. I can’t remember the whole set list but I know he played:

    what else is new
    the lung, throw down, quest (meddley)
    everybody lets me down
    free so free
    tell the truth
    Get Me
    Someone Said
    Little Fury Things
    I think the Wagon
    Flying Cloud

    Maybe some others but I can’t rember. J played, If thats how its got to be, the first part alone and then the drummer and bassist from Cobra Verde came out and rocked the second part. I had seen J’s Jazzmaster on the stage but wasn’t sure what was up but George came out and it was the Fog or Dino, with revolving bass player as usual. George looked like he was having a great time rocking with J. They played Ammaring and Freak Scene and called it a night. J only had his guitar a Dunlop fuzz, a maxon flanger and a wah through a blonde Fender amp and cabinet, not the usuall rack of effects and tons of Marshalls but in the intimate setting I honestly felt like it was the best I had heard him play, but I feal that way most of the time. Anyway seeing them rock in such a small place was great it really made me understand why I like listening to J, George and revolving bassist, hopefully they will play some more in the future. I had seen J accoustic in the same place and George played with Sea of Cortez for an opener and I thought why can’t they just rock, heck I’ll play bass but I guess I never offered so how can I complain. Anyway it was a great show lookjing forward to seeing what happens in the future. I might even be able to catch J in LA, who knows.



    Thanks for the review and setlist <img>



    that sounds like a great show, wish George had played in Philly too but I had a good time so not complainin’ too much. your comment about "heck I’ll play bass" is funny because I think a lot of ppl would love to sling bass for those guys, this is the first time in 20 years that I’ve seen John Petkovic playing a bass onstage. anything for J <img>



    wow, sounds like those shows with the Cobra Verde guys are really great <img>
    Thanks a lot for the review! <img>



    Great review!!! Definitely with you on the J, George & revolving bass player thing. Think more than a few here would love to see a lot more of that, if that chance ever presents itself again…speak up <img> <img>

    Hope to read your review of the LA show as well…


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