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    i’m new to the board. been long time fan though (ya, ya, ya aren’t we all). wondering if anyone is attending fog show at the middle east in boston on feb.21. would be cool to hook up if so. sound was terrible last show i saw there, so i’m hoping this one will be better. of course watt was wearing a pumpkin on his head the entire night (halloween). cool…. hope to get some response. at least welcome me to the board. thanx



    hey samo, welcome here on the board! :mrgreen:
    have lots of fun at the show, and hopefully you’ll meet lots of other ‘freaks’ there! :)

    Those of us who live too far away from the upcoming gigs are hoping, that you lucky guys at least tell us how it was ;) (recordings & photos are also mightily appreciated :aliensmile:)



    im going to the middle east show…..cant wait at all…hope the sound is good….do you know the deal with photos/video recording… anything in there?



    hey sludgemaster, great that you’ll have the chance to see one of these shows, wished I could see one, too …Don’t forget to tell us how it was :P

    The recording policy question has been discussed here :aliensmile:
    Photographing: bright flashlight could really irritate the band, but generally photos are ok – depending on the venue’s policy, of course.

    … and again: please don’t forget us… :wink:



    i would never forget…this is the only place ive ever encountered other real j mascis fans…i want to record the show if i can …if so i will share…speaking of which..where can i get ahold of live dinosaur/j acoustic shows…i cant seem to find them anywhere and im getting anxious to hear more than just few select tracks from random shows.



    hey sludgemaster, great to hear… :mrgreen: I really hope you’ll have the chance to make a cool recording :P

    For Dino/ J live recordings, you should check out anthony’s great site :!: It has a big section with mp3’s of Dino/ J shows:

    In this topic you can find some more info about it.

    Not to forget the FTP servers of Blah & Jeremiah :), lots of Dino/ J live stuff there, too…
    Here you can find all the info about these FTP sites: Latest FTP info :P



    so i went to see j last night at the middle east…all i can say is ..i still cant hear anything. it was amazing. one of the greatest thing i’ve ever seen…i managed to park myself right in front of j the whole time which ruled. i was keeping the setlist in my head cause i didnt have a pen so there are two songs i cant remember…if anyone was there and knows please fill it in.

    the lung
    out there
    little fury things
    set us free
    same day
    just like heaven
    everybody lets me down
    get me
    no bones
    e: ?



    hey sludgemaster, thank you very much for the review & setlist :D

    This was the last US date so far. I just hope there will be more dates, soon! J & the Fog seem to be so amazing these days 8) :idea: :mrgreen:



    My tape of the Middle East show is available for download. See here for details:″>

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