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    Got this from the Mike Watt messageboard:

    Check it out
    J in Oz




    thanx Bart Great interview!




    There is also a transcript from a web chat J did at the same station.

    Transcript – J Mascis, 22nd February 2001

    cheap_s1ut asks: who inspired you to become so damn good at the guitar?
    y_j_mascis: Ron Ashton, Greg Sage, Mick Taylor and Keith Richards.

    On 22nd February 2001, J Mascis joined an online audience from the Undercover Studios in Melbourne, Australia.

    Transcript – J Mascis

    y_undercover_ros: Hey there everyone! Today’s guest is J MASCIS!!!!
    y_undercover_ros: J Mascis and the Fog are currently touring Australia
    y_undercover_ros: They’re playing Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane. Go to http://www.undercover.com.au/tourguide.html for details
    y_undercover_ros: keep those questions coming in
    y_undercover_ros: my name is Ros and I’m from undercover.com.au – great to have you all here 🙂
    y_undercover_ros: J Mascis and the Fog have a new album titled More Light
    y_undercover_ros: J Mascis is here – welcome J!!!!
    y_undercover_ros: keep sending in those questions through the chat

    y_j_mascis: Hello cyber geeks

    y_undercover_ros: here’s the first question…

    cheap_s1ut asks: is the backing band on your ozzie tour the members of dinosaur jr or are the others?
    y_j_mascis: Yeah, the drummer George Berz was in Dinosaur Jr the last few years.
    y_j_mascis: and playing bass is Mike Watt from the Minute Men and Firehose.

    lookatme2000au asks: I saw you at festival hall in bris, back in about 95. Just wanted to say I really liked your show and wanted to just say thankyou for doing that gig that night because it was a great night for me and my friends.
    y_j_mascis: Okay, thanks.

    madfortheracket asks: Any more singles being released from More Light
    y_j_mascis: Yes, I think in Europe they’ll release Wastin’ as a single.

    madfortheracket asks: Are you working on new material still or just concentrating on the tour?
    y_j_mascis: Right now I’m concentrating on touring, but I have already started recording some new songs.

    madfortheracket asks: any guest guitarist on the Australian tour
    y_j_mascis: Not that I know of.

    cam_of_the_stoneage asks: You played The Livid Festival a couple of years back with Dinosaur Jr. Are festivals fun for you?
    y_j_mascis: Yeah sometimes it’s fun just to, like at that festival we got to meet Devo, just to meet some bands that you wouldn’t come across normally.

    madfortheracket asks: Are you going to release any live J Mascis & The Fog material
    y_j_mascis: Yeah, we’ve been recording some of the shows, and I’m sure some of it will come out somewhere.

    cam_of_the_stoneage asks: Is it more fun to tour with your own project than Dino Jr?
    y_j_mascis: Yes.

    cheap_s1ut asks: who inspired you to become so damn good at the guitar?
    y_j_mascis: Ron Ashton, Greg Sage, Mick Taylor and Keith Richards.

    madfortheracket asks: what will the b side be of Waistin
    y_j_mascis: Leaving on a Jet Plane and a new song, I can’t remember what I titled it.

    madmuzefan asks: who do you think is making great music at the moment?
    y_j_mascis: Love as Laughter, Cat Power and Roky Erikson

    madfortheracket asks: are you playing with Ron Asheton in March and the following month of the tour
    y_j_mascis: Yeah, I think we’ll play with them in Texas at South by South West.

    cam_of_the_stoneage asks: Why did you choose to be in Grace of my Heart?
    y_j_mascis: Just ’cause the director asked me to.

    madfortheracket asks: Any chance of a best of albumn…dino and fog
    y_j_mascis: I suppose there’s a chance.

    cam_of_the_stoneage asks: How long have you been playing guitar for?
    y_j_mascis: 17 or 18 years.

    madfortheracket asks: What happened to the Wayne Kramer guest spot in Chicago
    y_j_mascis: I’ve never heard of that.

    madmuzefan asks: had a chance to catch any Australian acts while you’re out here?
    y_j_mascis: No.

    madfortheracket asks: what are your fav Australian bands
    y_j_mascis: The Birthday Party, The Eastern Dark and God.

    cam_of_the_stoneage asks: What do you think of Napster?
    y_j_mascis: Anything Metallica is against, I am for.

    cheap_s1ut asks: how’s Australia been treating you? do you get to relax here or is it just work work work?
    y_j_mascis: Work, work, work.

    sdsilverstone asks: how did u get into the music industry?
    y_j_mascis: I formed a band, started playing, put out a record and suddenly there you are.

    jredden12 asks: Hi J. Just wondering how the creative process has differed for the new album compared to Dino Jr ones. I was always under the impression that you were pretty much Dino Jr. Is it any different, or is it just a name change?
    y_j_mascis: It’s different.

    madfortheracket asks: any guest spots for you with other bands
    y_j_mascis: I might play on a beachwood sparks CD.

    cheap_s1ut asks: has the Internet interested you at all?
    y_j_mascis: Yeah I like ebay and email.

    rohalli asks: are you making any other movies soundtracks soon
    y_j_mascis: I have a song on Allison Anders new movie, it’s called Things Behind The Sun, hopefully it will come out this year.

    lookatme2000au asks: what is a movie that makes you remember your growing up years ???
    y_j_mascis: Harold and Maude

    sdsilverstone asks: what do u think of pop singers ?
    y_j_mascis: I love them all.

    madfortheracket asks: When does your new film come out, do you enjoy acting?
    y_j_mascis: I don’t know when it’s coming out, and acting is fun, but I don’t think I’m that good at it.

    madfortheracket asks: saw your show in Minneapolis, we need more Canadian dates…any chance of that
    y_j_mascis: Maybe one in Vancouver.

    jredden12 asks: Last time I saw you in Melbourne I had ringing in my ears for a couple of days. How do your ears cope with the volume after all these years?
    y_j_mascis: I wear ear plugs.

    jredden12 asks: I am at the Corner in Melbourne on Friday nite. What is the set list going to be like? A lot off the Fog as well as some old stuff?
    y_j_mascis: Most of the new album with some Dino songs and some covers.

    madmuzefan asks: r u out here on part of a world tour?
    y_j_mascis: Yeah. We played in Japan and Europe and America.

    madfortheracket asks: will you wear the yellow shades if you play with Asheton
    y_j_mascis: No, but Mike Watt wears them.

    y_undercover_ros: thanks J

    y_j_mascis: all right, bye for now, thanks for dropping in on the chat.

    y_undercover_ros: that was J Mascis from J Mascis and the Fog
    y_undercover_ros: J is touring Australia with his band the Fog
    y_undercover_ros: check out http://www.undercover.com.au/tourguide.html
    y_undercover_ros: The transcript for this chat will be up very shortly – within the next few days – keep watching http://www.undercover.com.au/transcripts.html
    y_undercover_ros: I’m Ros from undercover.com.au – come back on Monday for a chat with Vitamin C – 4.00pm (get in early to get your questions through) and Sheena Easton at 5.00pm
    y_undercover_ros: See you all then! Bye




    Dear J and crew,

    I heard about the accident and wanted to wish you well. I have been listening to your music since I was 12 years old. I am now 24 and your music is far and away my favorite. Its been a life long companion that I value. It speaks to my soul. Its like what I hear in my head when I think. I thank you for creating it. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to people, especially me. I hope you get well and get back to creating such wonderful music. Hang in there and I ‘ll see you in Chicago. I’ll be out there somewhere – I always am!



    Finally heard that interview- [img]images/smiles/converted/bounce.gif[/img]
    later trav

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