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    Could you all let me know which movies J has appeared in besides Gas Food Lodging. I remember reading something about a recent movie (I believe the same director as Gas Food Lodging) that J is appearing in. I’ve never seen any movies with J in them, but would like to see what kind of skills the guy’s got.



    According to the IMDB, J has appeared in three Allison Anders movies — Gas Food Lodging, Grace of my Heart, and Things Behind The Sun — as well as 1991: the year punk broke. I think that’s it.

    Plus, I’ve got a little theory that J and Don McKellar are actually one and the same person. But that’s just me.



    I didn’t know about "Things Behind the Sun," but I’ve seen/own both GFL and GoMH (including the soundtracks for both, though the GoMH was a waste, since the two tracks on it were available on the "Take a Run at the Sun" disc with "The Pickle Song" as an added bonus) …

    The Kristin Vigard song on GoMH ("Boat on the Sea") is really, really nice, though …

    Jay’s chops are kept pretty limited in both GFL and GoMH, actually. Any word on what he does in Things Behind the Sun?



    You can usually pick up ex-rental copies of Things Behind the Sun on Amazon for not much money. Definitely worth it. It’s a good film and it’s cool to see the version of Everybody Lets Me Down with J on drums, the McDonald brothers of Red Kross on guitar and bass and Kristen Vigard (of Grace of My Heart and Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) singing. Quite a cool little supergroup if you ask me!!

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