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    Couple cool pics, and a pretty pleasing review of an old show…gotta love that J for President best show in eleven years line 8)

    Bluebird Theatre J Acoustic Review

    J MASCIS acoustic performance at the Bluebird Theater

    The opening band was a local band called O’er the Ramparts. They were decent. A little Husker Du’ish at times and even played a cover of ‘Motor Away’ by Guided By Voices. Good stuff.

    J Mascis. Epic. He came out to a loud ovation and opened up with ‘Thumb’. Alot of people cheered. The place wasn’t packed but there was alot of people there. Alot of people like me who have been into Dinosaur/J Mascis for several years. So when I say people cheered I mean people yelled at the top of their lungs. He continued to play mostly Dinosaur songs and some of the new Fog material. People were going nuts. J seems to put more effort into an acoustic set. Especially with his voice.

    Its been over a month since the show so I’ll try and remember some of the other songs he played. I remember he played the ‘Throw Down’ song from Fossils which made me laugh and wish he would play ‘Chunks’ just to hear the "My brothers a nerd" lyrics. ‘Ammaring’ went off. He recorded the rhythm part in acoustic and solo’d in electric while the rhythm was playing. Solid. ‘Get Me’ has one of the greatest solos ever. He totally rocked out to ‘Not You Again’ and ‘Repulsion’. It was an epic show. Right up there with best shows I’ve seen.

    Zach is even quoted as saying, "It was the best show I’ve seen in 11 years." As I said, the show was epic. J for president.



    expect nothing

    "So when I say people cheered I mean people yelled at the top of their lungs."
    ( I’d smile but for some reason the emotions keep wiping my text ) but thats a great show (another big smile). Thanks for the link, couple of good pics too.



    I’d vote for J in a second, althought I doubt he’d want to be president. Reviews are so fun to read but they make me wish I was going to a show like right now, but alas patience is required in this world we walk around in…

    much thanks for the link :D

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