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    hey radical_ruckus, welcome here & thanks for your brief comment on the Cincinnati show! <img>
    It’s true, J shows use to have their own kind of magic/ surrealism <img>




    Welcome to this fine but odd place
    Hope to hear from u more

    Thanks alot for that brief review

    Still hoping I will see J acoustic next month <img>




    I was at the Cincy show also and it was very awesome! My first show too but I had to drive from Indy to see him(130 miles). J hasn’t been in Indy in 10 years..and I’ve been wanting to see him for a very long time.

    So I got to the show about a half hour early and say J just chillin’ out outside the club. I wanted to say something to him but he was having a conversation with one of the guys from Cobra and didn’t want to seem like an ass cutting in.

    The show itself like I said was very awesome. I’ve heard some recordings of J’s shows prior to this so I knew a little about what to expect..but he just sounded so freaking good live. I’m so glad I went. There was a couple that was sitting with us at our table. The guy turns to me and asks me ‘Do you know who this guy is?’ I guess he had no clue..had no idea who Dinosaur was but he seemed to be really impressed by him (big surprise) I still can’t figure out why a person would pay $15 to see someonme they didn’t even know..kind of weird.

    My friend that I took with me wasn’t a fan before the show but he was asking me to burn a few discs of his afterwards. All I can say is if you have the oportunity to see him on this tour you definetly should:)



    hey psicom i bet that dude who didn’t know j. was some friend of someone who worked there and just got on the guest list for free drinks, or something. can’t imagine anyone not knowing j for goshsakes unless they’re really really young, even then most ppl have heard of him…he’s almost as well known as cobain!



    I saw J live at Top Cat’s in Cincinnati last night and it was amazing. The place lost it when they encored with "Freak Scene". It was my first time seeing J and I hope to get more chances. It was almost surreal. I’m still blown away.



    i don’t know about that … you’d be surprised …

    i have a picture on my desk of j (a photocopy of him playing in brighton – june 2001) and every time anyone asks me … hey, who’s that guy ? and i’m like j mascis … you know he used to be in a band called dinosaur jr … they’re like … j who ????

    it’s like he’s a best-kept secret in a way …

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