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    A funny bit from producer Jack Endino’s webpage ( about J at the Tape Op conference:

    Panel Topics included "Home Recording," "Studio Design," "Mastering," "Storage Strategies in the Digital Age," "What it Means to be a Producer" (the panel I found myself on) and several more. All had their monents of hooting and hollering and bomb-throwing.

    Sample… the panel about "home recording," which had some of the most introverted people of the entire affair, included J. Mascis, who made everyone else look wordy. For some reason I practically died laughing every time he spoke.

    Moderator: "OK, panelists, how about… what are some of the drawbacks of recording yourself at home? How about you, J?"

    J: (long pause)… Years go by. (silence)

    Later I got to chat with him and we bonded over his Black Sabbath T-shirt ("Volume 4") and my professed affection for the Groundhogs (cuz an audience member asked us about our fave records). 8)



    Hey bside,

    Thanks for that, definitely pretty hilarious <img> Fingers crossed they put out a transcript of some sort <img>

    Allison <img>

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