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    J’s show at stubb’s bbq in austin was a blast. the evening began with a sausage plate eaten by my girlfriend, susana, and a large house salad, by me. Well, susana needed to go do her business and j walks right in without being noticed by anyone eating at the restaurant. well, i had to check it out, but the waitress brought out my guiness also asking me not to leave the restaurant area with a glass.

    (Five minutes later)

    Susana comes screaming from the bathroom. She ran into j. so she goes to the restaurant area (the bathrooms were located near the stage in the cellar). she tries to tell me that she just met j and that he want to met me. So, i take the glass and my guiness can and shoot off to go see j.

    When meeting j, i asked him about the new album. he said it would hit europe first and MAYBE???? the u.s. in october. nothing for certain, he stated.

    after a few minutes, a couple of stubb’s bouncers were looking at us, so we had to go.


    the show was great. the opening act was jeff klein. His music is soulful and heartfelt. Nearest to Mark Kozelek or Mr. Eitzel.

    J came on stage about 11. here’s the list:

    thumb (with Klein’s keyboard player improving).
    mike’s house
    same day
    everybody lets me down (New SONG)
    lung, throw down medley
    severed lips
    the wagon
    blowin’ me
    flying cloud
    little fury things
    on the run
    get me
    not you again

    The show itself was wonderful. a few punks were being a bit unkind to j, however. one, during j’s break, decided to take some of his equipment. another fan, however, stopped him and i thought all hell was going to break loose. i’m glad i didn’t. i mean, it’s a semi-acoustic show, not KORN.

    overall, the show was A+. If you are near any of these solo shows, GO. there’s no excuse not to.

    also, Wesley Willis rocks.



    James-thanks for the review and setlist <img>

    punks unkind to J <img>



    Mike’s House = So What Else is New

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