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    The short tale? Well, it was perfect.

    Tonight was seriously one of the best times of my life, and the whole experience was VERY special – and one I will never forget.

    The band started with a Mike Watt song. The first song I remember J singing to was Alone – which was so incredible I almost broke down into tears. Crowd favorites were The Wagon and Freakscene – which was the encore. I was very thankful for the great mix of old Dinosaur tunes and new Fog ones.

    I have to say the concert was VERY loud. I regret not wearing ear plugs – my hearing is still obliterated and probably will be for a few days. But it was worth it!

    J used some AWESOME effects and really jammed out the tunes – especially What else is new. He came out and just SHREDDED. What was cool is the fact that he looked like he could have done it in his sleep – so cool and laid back. He got excited a few times, and every now and then he would grit his teeth and grin sideways during a solo – which was cool. Mike Watt was incredible – and so was the drummer. These guys are SO talented.

    The coolest thing in the world is when we got to meet J. After hanging out up front and getting various stage trash from the roadies, we caught a glimpse of J in the back and yelled for him. He saw us and came out, and hopped right off stage. My group of friends and a few others surrounded him. J. thanks again – you’ll never know how much your kindness meant to us. One of my friends was totally freaking out and had an awful lot to say to Mascis, and J. listened to everything. We had some short conversation – he actually seemed interested in us and started asking us questions every now and then!!! He was VERY nice about leting fans take pictures and signing various things. I was able to get the band to sign my ticket stub and J. even handed me a worn pick! We had to wonder out back to the van to find the other band members, and once again they were extremly down to earth and friendly. J. even put up with us again! J. was even nice enough to give the blushing ladies in our group a hug! I can’t tell you how happy I am – J. has an absolute fan for life. And I have to quote him,
    "Promise us you’ll never stop making music," a fan said. "We don’t have to worry about that do we?" another fan said.
    "Nah. I don’t really have much else to do," J. said!!!
    Overall, J. was a humble sweet person. Thats so refreshing. And he does live up to his reputation as being intorverted and a little shy even. But he is a super guy and we begged him to come back to Nashville some time. J. – we absolutely love you man! Thanks for giving me a great time! <A>[email protected]</A>

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