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    a few years ago I remember reading something about J might would contribute on some puff daddy recording. I never heard more about it and never thought more about it. Until today. it stroke my mind again.

    J is asked about the puff daddy thing at the end of the interview.

    sorry if it’s been posted here before.

    Mascis is more than happy to talk — so long as it’s in front of a camera, and his filmmaker friend Allison Anders is calling the shots. Mascis played a nomadic salesman in Anders’ 1992 road drama Gas, Food, Lodging and a producer in her 1996 Brill Building tribute, Grace of My Heart, and has a role in Anders’ recent Sundance entry, Things Behind the Sun.

    What’s the movie about?

    "It’s kinda depressing. I haven’t seen it yet."

    What do you play?

    "A drummer."

    So it was a big stretch for you….

    "Yeah… I looked at all the drummers I knew in the past to form my character."

    Did you see Mark Kozolek from the Red House Painters in Almost Famous?

    "No, what was he?"

    He was the bass player in Stillwater.

    "I don’t know the Red House Painters."

    The British press used to lump you two together a lot — you know, you’re both supposedly sad people and all….

    "Oh… right."

    J & GG
    Fun fact: J makes an appearance on shit-disturbing (in the literal sense of the term) N.Y.C. punk agitator GG Allin’s 1987 scum-rock opus, Hated in the Nation!

    How the hell did you wind up on a GG Allin record?

    "Oh yeah, I played a show with him in his band, it was pretty scary. Sounded like a good idea… till it was happening."

    Then the shit started hitting the fan?

    "Exactly. And then the mic started going up his butt."

    After proving his hip-hop chops with Del tha Funkee Homosapien on the Judgment Night soundtrack in ’93, Mascis was offered the chance to remix Puff Daddy’s 1998 single "Victory." Regrettably, Mascis’ dreams of becoming a rap-music mogul remain sadly unrealized.

    What happened to the Puffy remix?

    "Puff don’t like it."

    Did you get any specific criticisms?

    "No… just that Puff don’t like it."

    Do you think he’s guilty in that shooting?

    "I hope so. I heard Jennifer Lopez dumped him — that made me happy."


    Then the shit started hitting the fan?

    "Exactly. And then the mic started going up his butt."

    oh dear !!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    …. it’s funny how j always seems happier/more at ease/more forthcoming with his answers or whatever you want to call it when he’s not answering questions about his music




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