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    I was thinking today, "what is really wrong with the world" racism is dying, feminism is practically unneccesary, and stupidity and damned ignorance simply cannot be helped (although I think TRL has much to answer for). What really needs help is people’s CD collections. So, I’ve decided to start the Association for Corrective Music Education. ACME will help people by replacing, free of charge all CD’s that simply shouldn’t be listened to with what the person really should hear. For an example:

    Bad Artist/Replaced with. . .
    </font><ul>[*]<font>Blink 182-The Buzzcocks/Singles Going Steady</font></li>[*]<font>Creed-U2/The Joshua Tree</font></li>[*]<font>Michael Bolton-A cyanide tablet</font></li>[*]<font>Red Hot Chilie Peppers ("Because they’re Funk")/Sly and the Family Stone-There’s a Riot Going On OR Parliment Funkadelic/Greatest Hits (Da Bomb)</font></li>[*]<font>Rage Against the Machine- Fugazi/13 Songs</font></li>[*]<font>Marlyn Manson
    ("Because he’s Goth")-The Cure/Staring at the Sea
    ("Because he’s so controversial")-A.C./I Like it When you die</font></li>[*]<font>No Doubt (and think’s it’s ska)-Skatalites/foundation Ska (NOTE: this also applies to Sublime)</font></li>[*]<font>Sublime (and think’s it’s reggae)-any Bob Marley</font></li>[*]<font>Jimmy Eat World (and think’s it’s emo)-Rites of Spring/End on End</font></li>[/list]<font>NOTE: many of these artist’s are conditionalized. This is either because they require seperate changes depending on why the owner justifies it’s existance OR because I have no problem with the artist outside it’s being miscatagorized.
    Any other suggestions folks? Am I an idiot? Please share!



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> racism is dying, feminism is practically unneccesary </font><hr></blockquote><font>Wow. Adore you, Malky, but please don’t force me to bite your head off.


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    Yeah, I would never have paired up any of those bands. Not that I’m god. But you know.

    Manson is loud and angry. The Cure are soft and whiny (sorry Tony). Perhaps the lipstick is the common link, or something?

    I would also never equate RATM with Fugazi. Totally different, musically and strategically.

    As for the Creed/U2 connection. I don’t even like U2 but I’m insulted on their behalf.

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Am I an idiot? Please share! </font><hr></blockquote><font>Well, since you asked <img>



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    Long Distance Drunk

    I’m with rosa on this one. Two examples 1) Middle East 2) Sleater-Kinney constantly being called a riot grrrl band

    Besides anyone that has Sublime most likely has some Marley. Toots would be a better choice, or Jimmy Cliff maybe. I decided no one should have a U2 CD anymore, even a good one. Just my opinion. And you didn’t replace anything with a Dino/J disc. But yeah, lots of people should get rid of their CD collection.


    buckingham rabbit

    Better yet, maybe we should start a fascist party and instead of burning books that make you think, we should burn shitty-ass music that doesn’t make you think. Rock n’ Roll High School! Dammit though, I’m sure we’d only enlarge the asshole of the ozone layer by burning millions of No Doubt cds. Recycle?

    As for Creed and U2–they both suck. Bono is a self-righteous fuck, and, to quote the Mekons song about him, he can go ‘blow his tuneless trumpet’. Besides, everyone knows the ultimate Christian group is D.C. Talk. <img>



    Um, would this be the wrong thread to mention that I happen to like the Chili Peppers? <img>



    I was thinking today, "what is …….

    There’s your problem, thinking! Stop it! You’re invariably gone one stop too far on the train, or are too late to catch the start of the movie or on the wrong bus, or in the wrong bedroom. Just accept that you can never go far enough in any direction. Mogwai rule for the moment. Just agree or Big Louie will be paying you a visit.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Um, would this be the wrong thread to mention that I happen to like the Chili Peppers?
    </font><hr></blockquote><font>Would this be the wrong thread to mention that you have my heart in that little bucket of sweet Mantis lovin?

    I figured the Peppers might be too raunchy for you. Oh, the pleasant ways in which you surprise me.




    Matt – I like em too. I think that their music is incredible, and I can’t think of anyone else who I listen to who has such bad lyrics. Latest album has some truly beautiful music, but specially harmonies (by the way, i would die for you), but a couple of real stinkers as well (cabron for example), even though the music in there kinda reminds me of getting rough.



    I thought up a few things to replace,maybe people won`t change it but I like the thought anyway:

    remove:Enya replace it:Cocteau Twins
    remove:Kenny G replace it:John Coltrane
    remove:Dixie Chicks replace it:Freakwater
    remove:Great Big Sea replace it:the Pogues
    remove:Garth Brooks replace it:Hank Williams Sr
    remove:Yanni replace it:Keith Jarrett
    remove:John Tesh replace it:Cecil Taylor <img> <img>

    I agree on U2,BR.I can`t stand them either.
    I think Joy Division were the kings of goth,not The Cure


    Long Distance Drunk

    Peppers are cool, I kinda assumed Malc had a bigger problem with them being called "funk" by people that don’t listen to P-Funk. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Fascist party should be on Monday (Labor Day in the US). <img>

    Couple more:
    Replace Dave Matthews Band with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
    Replace Blink 182 with Bad Religion
    Replace Dashboard Confessional with Elliot Smith
    Replace old grunge records with old Dino records



    Ho-leee shit. just when I was expecting this thread to die.

    I have a few points here (obviously), but the order whill be off.

    The reason’s I cited in parenthesis were for a reason. I don’t dislike the Chilie peppers at all. But can you really call anything after Mothers Milk Funk? Likewise, calling No Doubt anything but "pop" is an insult. I know I’m going to be attacked (probably by Rosa) for labeling, but broad labels are helpful. It’s when people start subcatagorizing that I get confused. Look at what people have done to punk for gods sake! It’s been subcatagorized into Punk, Pop-Punk, Hardcore, Hardcore punk, oi, Emo, Emocore, Hardcore Emo, and it goes on.

    The reason I included "Staring at the Sea" for Marilyn manson is because of people calling him goth. The Cure are Goth, Joy Division are (arguably) goth, Manson is metal. Goth traditionally is quiet, moody music, Manson is loud angry music.

    The reason I suggested Fugazi for Rage is because most Rage fans like the Political side. But Rage is Politics-lite. Maybe I’m dumb (okay, probably I’m dumb), but all I get out of Rage is some mild lefitisism and a few bits on Leonard Pelter.

    And Salami, you’re right, Jimmy Cliff would be better than Marly. I had actually thought of the Brooks/Williams switch previously, guess It got brain farted.



    If you want politics, you should toss in the Minutemen as well… <img>



    Hey Malcom,

    I’m with Rosa on your no use for feminism and racism is dying deal… <img> But Hey!

    *limp crap biscuit replaced by The Hellacopters
    *blink something or other replaced by a Husker Du Library
    *crap canadian bands sum41 & treble charger discs replaced by a Dinosaur Jr library
    *britney spears cd’s replaced by The Ramones 1st disc… <img>
    *nsync replaced by Sparklehorse Good Morning Spider <img>


    ps definitely agree with Joy Division being the kings of goth versus the cure <img>

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    As there were a lot of good ideas here for some reasonable conversions, I just wonder what to take to replace the Oasis/Blur-"Britpop" (yeah: look, what they’ve done to it! <img> )
    I would give their ignorant fans some Wedding Present for the "British" guitars, some JAMC for the darker input and some Smiths for several good whines <img> (personally, I’m not at all against some good whines – just think about the cathartic effects! <img> <img> <img> )

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