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    Bucky Ramone

    Low – A lifetime of temporary relief – 10 years of b-sides & rarities
    Beautiful box with 3 cd’s and 1 double-sided dvd 8) 8) 8) 8)



    rambleon, Anna, as you know was in England and then she went over to Scotland. When she came home the temperature was in the 90’s here and very humid. She came down with a terrible cold. She did turn us on to having tea in the afternoon and we have been trying to do that on a regular basis. My husband and I are both good bakers and Anna keeps pushing me to make something to have with the tea, yum-yum.

    Yes, Capricorns, even the ones who have plenty of money love to divide the tip down to the penny. Never ask them to borrow their car either, "Day be like are you Kiddin’ or What?" My only sister’s husband is a Capricorn. Michael Stipe and Mike Mills both Capricorns. I was drinking with Mike Mills in NYC around the "Out Of Time" era and the tab(his idea to run and pay for tab btw) ran over $500.00, for eight people or so. When it came time to pay the bar said the only took cash! A very drunken Mills said "Cash, I don’t have that kind of cash do you? "
    What a fiasco!!!!!! We had to do three separate ATM machines (including mine!!) at 2 am. When you mention this night he says he remembers the night but doesn’t remember trouble with the tab. :roll: I thought I should add that most people in Athens try to treat Stipe and Mills like you would any friend (normal) and so in turn I think they reciprocate the favor.



    well, if you asked people over here, they’d say tea goes w/just about anything, any time ! they LOVE their tea … but traditionally in hotels + tea rooms + the like people have afternoon tea + scones topped with butter + jam + clotted cream (in that order) … it tastes fantastic, but isn’t too good for the waistline :shock: … maybe some shortbread would be easier + better :idea:



    or, how about this recipe ? this is taken from the farmers’ market cookbook by nina planck … she is an american who lives in london + she brought farmers’ markets to london … :idea: :D :D … she grew up on a farm in virginia …

    strawberry shortcake

    on the farm, we eat this twice a week in strawberry season. it is best hot, but it is also nice cold, for breakfast. the shortcake itself is like scones, but fluffier. the acidic yoghurt helps them rise. if you can find skimmed buttermilk, even better: use 400 ml in place of the milk + yoghurt.

    serves 8 – 10

    1.5 kg strawberries washed, hulled + halved
    6 tbsp vanilla sugar (see p.19 – i will check that out in a minute :wink:)
    600 g flour
    2 tbsps sugar
    3 tbsps baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    125 g chilled butter
    300 ml milk
    100 ml yoghurt (or 400 ml skimmed buttermilk)
    ice cream or whipped cream

    1. preheat oven to 230 C

    2. mix the strawberries w/vanilla sugar + set aside to allow the sugar to extract the juice. a syrup will form.

    3. make the shortcake : mix all the dry ingredients, except a handful of flour, by sifting or whisking in a large bowl. with a pastry blender or two knives – or your fingers – cut in the butter until the mixture is like coarse meal. bits of butter should be pea-sized or smaller. later it melts, leaving air pockets for fluffy biscuits.

    4. add the milk + yoghurt + mix quickly to a soft dough. do not overwork it, or the shortcake will be tough. it should be no more than three minutes from now to baking.

    5. pat the dough into a circle 1/2 cm thick on a lightly floured cool surface. cut it with a biscuit cutter or upside down glass about 4 – 5 cm wide. place the circles close together, like honeycombs, in a buttered baking pan.

    6. bake for 15 – 20 minutes, until puffy + slightly brown on the edges.

    7. split open a shortcake in a bowl + top it w/strawberries + juice. serve w/whipped cream or ice cream.

    yummmmmmmmmm … :D :D



    btw, she suggests a variation of replacing the strwaberries w/stewed rhubarb (which must be a big thing in your part of the world, right?)

    also, sugar means normal white sugar (or whatever you call it over there)

    as for the vanilla sugar, this is what she has to say :

    some recipes call for vanilla pods, which are lovely, but not cheap. (you don’t say! :o ) one teaspoon of real vanilla extract is usually a good substitute. vanilla sugar makes the pod go further. split a pod + keep it in a jar of sugar. it keeps for months. :idea:

    if you have any questions about the ingredients or measurements, just ask me … :mrgreen:



    Wilco – a Ghost is Born
    Cat Power – Moon Pix
    a new Baltimore Orioles cap (old school 1966 logo)

    Wilco is good but it is so hard to follow an album after YHF. I had more hopes for the long songs. The one spiders is fine, but that 15 Less than you think track is about 12 minutes of wasted space. Overall so darn good and probably will get better as time goes by.
    Cat Power is so darn good that it makes me sad that it took so long for me to find Chan and everytime i buy another one of her beautiful albums i get so darn excited and lock myself in a room and listen to it over and over till all is so perfectly still that i forget, everything may be wrong, but at least i have another Cat Power album to get me through.

    I buy a hat once a year and this is no exception.

    go O’s go



    I did`nt ‘get’ Moon Pix at first;it seemed hit and miss but soon enough it grew on me,Metal Heart might me her best song ever,it never fails to give me chills…



    Belle and Sebastian-Books

    Mission of Burma-Signals, Calls, & Marches


    Also some Comix;
    Y: The Last Man
    Madman Adventures Vol 1
    The Ultimates Vol. 1

    and a Simon LeBon button. :P



    I am sorry malcolm. I will try not to neglect telling you of great albums in the future. You have my sincerest(sp?) apologies for failing in my duties. Right now I will add …And then take you to a place where jars are kept, by Thulsa Doom. + The Tyranny Of Distance by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.
    Again, I am truly sorry.



    Bunch of DVD’s

    The Prisoner Series Volume 4 & 5
    Barton Fink
    Bottle Rocket
    The Adventures of Captain Marvel-12 episodes :aliensmile:



    I`ve been getting into Mission Of Burma only recently.Got their Vs album from SS,it`s really good :aliensmile: also check out Kustomized`s At The Vanishing Point from 96 on Matador,it`s the drummer from Mission Of Burma(Peter Prescott)on guitar/vocals with ex Sugar drummer Malcom Travis;it`s a really good album though Peter`s vocals take some getting used to(think Jello Biafra meets Grant Hart)


    My husband and I are both good bakers and Anna keeps pushing me to make something to have with the tea, yum-yum.

    hey annastefka … i forgot to mention that the other thing people like to have over here w/tea is what they call loaves, but what americans call breads … like banana bread … strawberry bread + well, you get the idea … happy baking … :aliensmile:




    number 1 in the hood g



    Thanks for all of the ideas for sweets. The children don’t have to watch the calories as much.

    I bought groceries for a family of 6 if you include Anna, 7 if you include Oscar, who is of course on the way. Cost for 1 weeks worth of groceries about $185.00.


    I bought groceries for a family of 6 if you include Anna, 7 if you include Oscar, who is of course on the way. Cost for 1 weeks worth of groceries about $185.00.

    i wouldn’t know if that’s good or bad … :?: :!:

    i bought some purple flip flops w/a big fat sequinned butterfly on each toe post 8) + a battery charger for our new digital camera :aliensmile:

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