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    So sorry Freakscene Family, I’ve actually been to busy to freakscene…hardly any Facebook time either. From Sun up to Sun down, I’m running at full speed….We are running a sort of almost farm (he,he) here…we have just added baby chicks to our collection…they are adorable but will need to live in the house for about 3 more weeks until they can move out to their way cool house that Daddy built for them. Now, in the morning I have children and dogs and goats,fish and a husband and now chicks all "fussing" for a feeding….the fish don’t really fuss too much, luckily for me. Is luckily a word? That’s how tired I am right now. Well, I just wanted to mention that I only remembered today was the anniversary of the last time J Mascis had been in Athens, and I only remembered because a friend called me this morning and said…"Hey, it’s 4-20" and I was like…no, it’s only like 9:30…and she was like "No, ding-dong it’s 4-20"….and then I saw Lou in my mind….asking the crowd "What are you all stoned"…and I didn’t understand why he said that…and then later someone commented on Freakscene that that was because it was 4-20. OH, ah-ha, I get it. Then I thought, wow…how fast a year zooms by. I like to have my Dinosaur Jr/Farm/Fog/Lou Barlow….I don’t care who is on drums whatever you want to call it at least once a year. I just thought to myself…it’s been a year. OH, after she called I put on Farm, which I hadn’t listened to in geez…a while…and you know that song…wait…let me go and find the title….(evidence of brain slow down mentioned before)…..OH…it’s called "See You"…thanks internet. That song has a guitar sound that I think is far out…outstanding….super fantastical…right on…great. Just wanted to say all that….going to bed with a flyer that my friend gave me on "How to take care of chicks"….my husband could very well have written a book with the same title some 20 years ago. :lol:



    I agree.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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