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    Found that interview and let it run through the google translating machine.
    Although I still don’t understand every word, I thought there were some interesting points. of course, if anyone has to provide some corrections on the translation, please post them here!

    Kataweb Musica J Mascis interview :)

    J Mascis, the return of the Dinosaur

    Intito it "More Light" the album that more marks the return of the former loved leader of one of the band of the Indie rock made in U.S.A.. A job in "low fidelity" that sum influences blues, folk and ago to live again the chitarristico fury of a young dinosaur. Soon we will be able to see him also in Italy.
    by George Casari

    There are beautiful surprises, sometimes, to attend the old rock’n’roll. One of these, for the year in course, is called without doubt J Mascis + The Fog. A solo adventure that the chief of the mournings Dinosaur Jr has put with with the usual propensione for the shape-song distortion, blues and the generic folk, for a major affiliated independent label (City Slang /Labels).
    The result is a album that fascinates, several years after the sonic incursions from the outskirts of Boston, the not veryene separation fom Lou Barlow (then Sebadoh ) and Patrick Murphy ("Murph"). The income in mythology of the music rumours of the slid decade – and before -, the reputation of songwriter not just accommodating, able of interminable silenzi and a rather hostile lack of appetite, renders Mascis one of the less approachable figures of "Indie" music (before struck with regard to: "they are not independent sure for my choice").

    However we have tried ourselves, succeeding to tear something of the proverbiale, divine indifference.

    We leave endured with the structure of the songs, tightened between "distorted" and "classic". You have inserted some tastieristico touch in more of the usual?
    "Not therefore many, in truth. I am however amused to play and above all to write some pieces on the keyboard (mellotron, memory moog above all). The disc is born rather from marginal, solitary reflections: I have called to collaborate a small group to us of persons. Kevin Shields (Dot Allison and former My Bloody Valentine) have helped me above all Being worth some), while to others I have sent the tapes of the recordings, asking for additions".

    Lo-fi all the way, therefore.
    "In part it is my dimension, in part the things develop by chance. It’s an issue of technical, economic availabilities, also umorali. Recently to work at home with the sounds has become more and more easy, also intriguing. The effect in the new generations is looked at. Tantissimi personages a disc can be self-published. that’s good, isn’t it? (rests to think for a while, N.d.I.)

    Interesting also the choice of one label which City Slang, careful to some marginal experimentations but a lot intriguers: Calexico, but also To Rococo Rot and Goodspeedyou! Black Emperor.
    "I do not know last the two bands directly, only by name, but City Slang is a reality with which seems to be good to work with. I find them to place. On the experimentations I do not pronounce myself: I don’t know what that word means that journalists used, "post", and I don’t want to deepen the acquaintance ". (sbuffa, N.d.I.).

    Some of the new songs, in any case, put entirety various suggestions, a little psychedelia?
    "Perhaps you refer to Ammaring, or the grande finale of More Light. To me it appeals to psychedelia to how much me piacciono the American frontier sounds. Then but I try to write "my" songs. According to you I succeeded?".

    Perbacco! I would not want to put the finger on the plague, but your retentiveness when confronted with journalists is legendary?
    "Many times, more than to be hostile, I do not know what to answer. They ask me on politics, on the future of the market, my individual choices … I would prefer to speak about technical musical details, more than about important issues. The American press, apart from that one fanzine, is enough disheartening. Not that there is ever something really new ".

    Technically talking, than you say me of your continuous one flirt with POP, in the structural sense of the term?
    "I can tell you that it appeals to POP to me, but that I do not know to define it. I recognize to intuiton, I follow it for instinct. Sure there isn’t one who writes POP-songs, not knowing what this means ".

    The immediate future?
    "I’ll play several show-cases. Hoping that the planet survives, I will make it anch’ I ".



    wow … that was a pretty weird read … maybe there are some italians around here who could make a little more sense of this ! :D :D ..

    i wonder which US mag he was referring to ?

    i think it’s funny that he refuses to answer journalists rather than be hostile :aliensmile: … actually i guess that’s more polite than being hostile, but most journalists write it up as being rude :!: :o

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